Friday, February 20, 2015

The Cafe Mulia hotel senayan for all you can eat ...

Ramzi Smart Travel | the Cafe mulia hotel senayan jakarta | in one invitation for dinner at the cafe of mulia hotel senayan . In this cafe with the motto all you can eat by a pakage fixed rate. All of menu we can eat and try . while you still leave in the cafe area you can eat always. But i am sure that the cafe had a rate and survey how much a people can spend the food or with another term how much your gastric capacity ? with an gastricemptying time for about 4 hour. so you must be wait for more than 4 hour to emptying the gastric and begin to eat again you must stay in this cafe  long term for more than 4 hour...any others we can doing than jurt for eat ...

 bling of the floor in front of cafe

waiting for dinner

Seroiusly for dinner with all konsultan ,trainee anesidentd of vaskular surgery at invitation of Mrs Badroweni 
 and family.

ice cream and cake part ...closing food but many time open again...the key is just try don't make it full for one item of menu .

photo with a mrs badroweni and family

left side view of the cafe

Chalwanka a traditional sound of music from andes mountain American....

Ramzi Smart travel | Chalwanka a sounnd of music from andes mountain Amerika | this music are promotion in the atrium senen jakarta . the cd of this music are also can sell for the consumer who want to buy . This music are hear so different and some time so soft in our ear.

many people are buy a CD

the sound of chalwanka music is so far and so defferent in the ear

a latin american face are in action with his music

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mid Beach Langkawi : best beach destinations for the nature photography hunting

Ramzi smart travel | Mid beach of langkawi | time at the second day in langkawi we spend just for a few minute to see this heaven in the langkawi especialy for hunter destination for  photography interest.clean sea water and beach with contour of the hill that so spesific wit many peak it seem perfect this beach destination just for say so amazing beach ...

blue skies and blue of the mid beach sea 

white rim coast and blue sky and sea with green " beautifully " island

narsis just in the morning at mid beach heem

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Cenang street with under water word , gift shops , cullinary centre , beach and other best place in the langkawi..tour

Ramzi smart travel | Cenang street langkawi | Cenang is a place with street like in kuta or jimbaran bali disaign and shape of this locations is make similar. Like , gift shopping center , pedesterian , cullinary ec tradisional malay food , chinese food , arabic food , Indians food , sea food , gamad herbal shop , bar and restourant . and this palce are maybe live for night . But the tourist must know that in the thuersday night its forbidden for show and play a live music. Especially for a tourist whos bring a family it can also playing in the beach or at under water world langkawi . Chocolate and others gift it can buy in the mini market or medium market arround of the under water world.

a bus that we used in langkawi 

Parking area for a thourist or visitor in the under water world

inside of the underwaater world

 many gift shops are in the cenang street

a part of the the pediesterian in cenang street

Friday, December 26, 2014

Destination in the way to central hongkong...

Ramzi smart travel | picture on the way from hotel to central hongkong | make a speed photography pinture with my nikon camera in the central of hongkong at september 2014 . This picture are capture when we used a hotel shuttle bus from south of l islan hotel hongkong to central . it seem that high building are standing at the edge of coastal sea that surrrounding of the hongkong island.

The building is a bunder of the ferry  ...where so much people can trips or sail to the macao dreaming for a gambler hobbies. We will arriving at macau for only in 2 - 3 hour. and we also can return in a day time. it is seem easy and so cheaps because with only 400 Hongkong dollar it will be a real ..try it please.

Nasi campur kak yan....heaven low cost lunch for a cullinary hunting in langkawi..

Ramzi Smart Travel | Nasi campur kak yan | if we goes to langkawi island may be must try to get lunch in this place . many langkawi driver or any others people in langkawi may be know this restouran because this traditional sea food are so malay taste and so familiar for many people in malaysia and indonesia . we had arrived and taken eat in this place at the first we so late when arrive at 3.30 pm so many list of special food are loss. so we must go there for twice and in the second time we arrived earlier and meet what we hunting ..a traditional malay sea food.

key word tag : Ramzi smart travel , Nasi campur kak yan , lunch restourant in langkawi , famous traditional sea food langkawi.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Langkawi destinations : Malaysia travelling guide that we had gone on Desember 2014

Ramzi Smart Travel | Langkawi Destinations | Langkawi is part of kedah province at malaysia is a island that have many destinations for visiting viewing . Swimming , running , climbing , walking , jogging and shopping or others. As an autority of management the governmen are support the developed of this island as a dreaming island for foreign people espesially for neighbour nations like a indonesia , singapore and others whose looking for a natural destinations with just minimal touch of technology. But many foreign tourist are also came from europe , Australia , amerika , india , and others.In this moment we are a vascular surgery team are spend the time to exsplore destinations of langkawi island.vascular surgery team

 Resort world hotel langkawi a best 4 star hotel in langkawi with amazing sea view and island

Traveling map of the langkawi that we can found in the air port of langkawi  , many destinations are can we saw and choice as we need .

1. Resort world hotel  ( When arrived at the night time from jakarta - Kuala Lumpur )

   In the morning time >>>

2. Flying cable langkawi.....

Langkawi ( Bird Monument )

Middle beach of langkawi


Mashuri grave a history of langkawi

7 step of water fall langkawi ...

At Cenang Telaga seafood ....

Durian Musang king and padang food at kota baru Kuala lumpur malaysia

Musang king durians ....