Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Suropati garden : Garden with my dream jogging track with a fresh oxigen that need attention us

Ramzi Smart travel | Suropati garden  Menteng | Merupakan sebuah taman This is one of many famous garden in centre of jakarta that give a calm and fresh locations in the menteng region   as a centre of lung respiration city and the productions of fresh oxygent in this region  is distrub my mind set to be walk and ogging at the beatiful garden suropati for the first time. A planning that so long had been make always delayed and delayed and delayed again . But in this momen i must release my planning to be real fact to be visiting my dreaming jogging garden. Alhamdulillah this garden is good enough and did not so busy with another people whose take sport and jongging for this time so i can be walking and run with depend on my style.A place that so ideal for release my hobbies that so long had not been doing.So the blood streamming that so slowly in this period had been running in the capillary with hard and strong . And i hope the origine desease that came from this vascular will far from my soul . When ? i had arrived in this garden on sunday at 5.30 pm but i had forgoten the date. 

Suropati garden had viewed from diponegoro street menteng jakarta.