Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Koto gadang a silver work nice village in bukittinggi

Silver work center amai setia in Koto gadang village

Ramzi smart travel | silver work | koto gadang | amai setia | Bukittinggi is connected to Padang by road, though a dysfunctional railway line also exists. For inner-city transport, Bukittinggi employs a public transportation system known as Mersi (Merapi Singgalang) and IKABE that connect locations within the city. The city also still preserves the traditional horse-cart widely known in the area as Bendi, although the use is limited and more popular to be used as vehicle for tourist, both domestic and foreign.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

bunaken is so beauty

Ramzi smart travel | Bunaken | best place to diving | snorgling place |Ever fancy yourself being a mermaid? Being able to swim along with other creatures of the sea , moving to the rhythm of the waves? In the Bunaken Marine Park, you will encounter a real “mermaid”, and you can also get a glimpse of sea life here.

Spectacular Lake Linow Tomohon city

Ramzi smart travel | lake linow | tomohon city | Linow Lake is really a water-filled volcanic crater. It's a very pretty little lake, but with some interesting features. Several small vents line the wall of the crater, spewing hot gases and water. Bubbles in the lake indicate there are more vents below the water line. The changing mixture of chemicals in the gases cases the lake to change colors from time to time, from red to deep green to even blue.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

simalem resort best destination future of toba lake

Ramzi smart travel | simalem resort | new fantastic place | toba lake | World famous is the crater Toba Lake in the Batak highlands; approximately five hours drive from Medan. Toba Lake is the largest lake in South East Asia and also one of the most spectacular, surrounded by tall mountains and with the large island of Samosir in the middle.

Muara Takus Temple that so exotist

Ramzi smart travel | Muara takus temple | 13 koto kampar | At Rantau Berangin, 15 kilometers after Bangkinang, the roads splits and turn left, entering Bukit Barisan range, which borders Riau province. The road climbs up and reaches the recently finished hydroelectric dam of Koto Panjang.

Jamik Mosque Air Tiris Bangkinang Kampar

Ramzi smart travel |  jami mosque' | air tiris | kampar | old mosque in kampar distric that build at 1901 M .This mosque is build with spesific methode and did not used a nail.local civilize story tell that this area is come to air tiris region thats is combine of local people with a nomaden traders thats come from west sumatera.