Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How wonderful , closing ceremony of indonesian national sport competition riau 2012

Ramzi smart travel | closing ceremony indonesian national sport competition | closing ceremony of the indonesian national sport competitions had been doing in main stadium riau in SM amin street in riau university locations pekanbaru at september 20 , 2012 . The ceremony is so amazing and so hypnotic the people in all of main stadium with traditional dancing , sing of the national singers,parade of the atlit , variations of the laser light and the last is full firework demonstrations

Venues PON XVIII : Spectaculer venues which riau belongs

Ramzi smart travel | Venues PON XVIII riau | best venues that riau people belonging | PON XVIII has pass away and three sucsess about place of competition , succsess in prestation and sucsess in economic for people and promotions may be had been reach.But the side effect after that competitons for  riau and the people of riau have few stadium and venues with a national and international standard. So we hope the stadium and venues will increase sport prestation of riau people in level national or world class.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tapak tuan Helipad : from a helicopter landing place to relax and destination place

Ramzi smart travel | tapak tuan helipad | this helipad is function before 1980 as a place to landing of helicopter . Some of higer potitions in government in medan , banda aceh or jakarta in thats time use  this helipad as a fast transportation to tapaktuan.

Aqua berastagi production : water is flowing so far away...

Ramzi smart travel | Aqua berastagi |One of Aqua is production in berastagi on the base of sibayak mountain . Aqua had production billions qubic health and pure water to the big part of indonesians people . and until now is seldom we hear and know any complain of the consumers about the water. We hope this is to be continius for the furture with an excellent product.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Post office centre medan : old destination had build at 1912

Ramzi smart travel | post office centre medan | old post office centre in medan had build at 1912 by holland government . This office had stand with strong as long as that time , wide of the wall is a specific building of holland building.Actually so much holland building stand up in this locations. like a old medan chief office ( kantor walikota medan ) and now this building had joint to the aston hotel.

Cadika hill : a unbright beautiful highland in bangkinang

Ramzi smart travel | cadika hills | Cadika hills is a highland in bangkinang where you can see a bangkinang city from above. This place is have fresh air in the day or afternoon moment and much people young or adult go there just for relax or spend time in the noon to see a sun set while seek a beautiful city of bangkinang.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kolak durian kulliner in front of north sumatera university hospital medan

Ramzi smart travel | kuliner cold kolak durian | North sumatera university hospital | Kolak durian is a kuliner that consist of  banana , sugar , durian , exstrak of coconut , and  ketan . In front of North sumatera hospital and north sumatera university is always ready a few of cold kolak as long as Dr mansyur street padang bulan. especially in a day or afternoon cold kolak is feel so nice.

Waiting of kolding that had order before untill viewing a north sumatera university.Cold drink on the hot day is feel so fresh

This is north sumatera university that had build in USU location at padang bulan region medan.This hospital is the first hospital that will be usu education center that belongs of usu as  under education departement of indonesia.

Viewed of north sumatera university hospital , that finish build in this years . but may be used in nears time.This building is locations nears from North sumatera university.So this adventage for eyhe ducation in usu in future.

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kulliner Roti jala combine with red sugar in traditional party bangkinang

Ramzi smart travel | Roti jala | Traditional kulliner from bangkinang riau is different with roti jala from medan or India.Roti jala from bangkinang riau is same with roti jala others  in shape. but in bangkinang roti jala is combine with red sugar jelly .

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Shangrilla hotel : viewed from swimming pool at back hotel .

Ramzi smart travel | shangrilla hotel jakarta | Shangrilla hotel jakarta is a hotel with 5 star in jakarta where location beside of BNI tower in center sudirman street.This hotel had used to stay by american president " obama ".

Central Park Mall Have Bicycle parking : a leading think to green .

Ramzi smart travel | bicycle parking | central park mall | Central park mall is a mall the mal that locations in S parman street west jakarta . In a podomoro city place thats belongs og agung podomoro group.Thia mall is take place beside of taman anggrek mall.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Berastagi fruit market , so much fresh fruit that can choose and buy

Ramzi smart travel | berastagi fruit market | a market where so much fresh fruit as a localize agriculture productions that sell by karo people in this market.This market is so traditional and never exchange and renovations untill now.This market is real fruit market that location in berastagi city in karo simalem , or it means as a beautiful karo .

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hill hotel and resort , first stay best exsperience in sibolangit

Ramzi smart travel | Hill hotel and resort | a best place to stay  in sibolangit and be a one of many choice for a people of medan city whose spend the time for holiday.Sibolangit is more near from medan then berastagi with cool temperature so make stay in hill hotel and resort make so nice.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Koto Gadang traditional embroidary , High art quality that you must lookingfor for gift and collections

Ramzi Smart travel | Koto gadang traditional embroidery | Koto gadang traditional weaving is a hand made that make by koto gadang women in a kotogadang village.Design of embroidery of original shawl from koto gadang is very variatif and the design is different from one to the other . That make the original shawn from koto gadang village is specific and very limited production thats why this product dificult to looking for and if you find the product it believe have hight value of price.