Wednesday, October 31, 2012

KLCC twin tower snap shot moment , night and day different

Ramzi smart travel | KLCC twin tower snap shot | view KLCC twin tower in the night and day is have differen sensations because in the night much of lighting is influence picture product camera but back ground is black or dark.In day time fungtions of light is take over by sun light but back ground of the sky make it different quality with a different shape every shoot.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ielhok waterfall and naturally stone pool in sawang...

Ramzi smart travel | ielhok waterfall and naturally stone pool | its a waterfall and pool that take locations in a sawang village , at right side of highway tapak tuan meulaboh . We must turn the left side after a medium bridge . We must also be carefully if used a car because the road is narrow and much children and local people are in the road , And a parking area near of this place are narrow too so you must be carefull changes potition of the car when back home.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rain forrest berastagi ( bukit barisan) garden , still exist for more 20 years ..but need re-inovations in the future.

Ramzi smart travel | rain forrest berastagi garden | A place where much rain forrest are hiding and saving from a bad  hand holding that can be break and powerily that change function and ecosistem with many promise So lets save andmaintenence our rain forrest for the future.This locations can be build by the government with notes just for saving and traveling and dit not for selling or others ofcourse.But the building and the road , game and others must be inovations in means developed from year to year in the future.

Swimming pool of grand zurich hotel and pekanbaru destination from 5th floor open ground

Ramzi smart travel | swimming pool of grand zurich hotel | Grand zurich hotel is one of few 4 star hotel in pekanbaru city . Locations of this hotel is in rajawali street senapelan , its beside of senapelan plaza and opposite with mall pekanbaru .This locations is at centre of pekambaru and also near from a jatra hotel as a 5 star hotel that get position above of mall pekanbaru.grand zurich hotel have a open groun swimming pool with destinations of various building that we can see from here.want to know?

How Exotic Spirit travel place in a high land sidikalang

Ramzi smart travel | Spirit travel place in sidikalang | Alhought , always pass by to sidikalang when i work at south aceh . But i just one time came in to this spirit travel place . Potitions of sidikalang that in middle between medan  to tapak tuan or reverse, it make me seldom to just for windows walking to see the consist of this place.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Twin islands ( pulau dua ) Best nature destinations in bakongan

Ramzi smart travel | Twin islands Bakongan | it is a two island that take position in bakongan village that lies in a higways of tapak tuan - subulussalam city.Bakongan a village that can found after a trumon village if we go from medan with a car and if we go from tapak tuan is about 3 hours and lies after a kota fajar village and north kluet.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Exotic destinations at tapak tuan harbour ....

Ramzi smart travel | Tapak tuan harbour | An exotic destinations can be found when visite to tapak tuan , where is so much hill beside of the sea that combine with a blue marine and make shadows to the sea.Some harbour activities can saw when go there in the morning or at the afternoon.some people hunting a sunset picture in the noon time or sunrise in the morning moment,Some people just sitting with frends or family for for seeking this scenery , nature , calm far from noise or crowded.I thinks this conditions dreaming for every people especialy whose live in a metropolitan or crowded city.

10 amazing beach that you must know in tapak tuan

Ramzi smart travel | amazing beach in tapak tuan | a few beautiful beach had give as naturaly in tapak tuan south aceh , 1 year  had stay in tapak tuan make some colections about beach in tapak tuan . so natural , calm far from investor because all of the beach is belongs of all aceh people and give by a god for a people . it means this beach is not belongs of one or more people.So never pay to play and take bath or sweem in this beach . and some time when ramadhan or many moment that all off people must take eat and pray to the beach like rabu mengang and others the beach is free and all of people can used it.

Hungry sensations : Aceh noodles with a crabs

Ramzi smart travel | Aceh noodles with crabs | One of specific food in aceh is sure Aceh noodles , its cook with specials spices thats aceh belong , make your brain and tongua similar and equals to sensations of the salivations production more and more . when it do ?? it is about more than 3 years ago when i am doing a job in a yuliddin away hospital tapak tuan.

Big footprint : believe as a history of tapaktuan

Ramzi Smart travel | Giant foot print in a stone | Its believe as a supranatural story about tuan tapak , when he take his baby to the sea , his right foot is print to the stone beside of the beach and still exist untill this time.

Mount elizabeth hospital : first choice hospital for indonesia rich people medical check up...

Ramzi smart travel | Mounth elizabeth hospital | A hospital in singapore where much of indonesian rich people always check up their medical statue.except as hiding place for hunt of law , the mount helizabeth hospital is a high class place to medical check up.In about 1980 - 1990 mount elizabeth had first choice by indonesians people but now it has change for a sumatera people because singapore had a high cost so for north sumatera  people more like to medical check to malaysia like penang city and for riau and south sumatera is like to go to malaka hospital

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Foreign tourist ride a motorcycle when traveling in bali

Ramzi smart travel | Foreign tourist riding a motor cycle | a few tourist in bali like rent and riding a motorcycle , because its low cost and speed espesially in the crowded street in we know when holiday much of steet in bali is crawded and it can spend a time till 1-2 hour for only 1 km distance,

happy with riding motor cycle

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Manado porridge : A famous indonesians food from manado ..

Ramzi smart travel | manado porridge | A special food that came from north sulawesi is a porridge that call as manado porridge . that is so famous as food of indonesia so except in manado much of the city in indonesia already have this culliner . especially for district or city where a manado people much enough stay .

Ice scatting playing ground at mall taman anggrek jakarta so exciting place

Ramzi smart travel | ice scatting play ground at mall taman anggrek jakarta | i had remember ice scatting play ground is a seldom place in a tropical place like indonesia . in a place where have a snow seasons , ice scatting is a usual activity and similar with place to play is ready every time when snow seasons time. so..its of course different with a tropical nations like indonesia , To make an ice playing ground have make a special place that need high cost enough and did not much investor want to invest at this business .

A way to avoid be doubtful , when parking in mall with many floor and wide parking area..

Ramzi smart travel | head ache and doubt when looking for a car in wide parking area | Many mall and big market or big office it really have a big , wide and also higher parking area some time when come in to the parking area we are forgot in which area our car had parking so when our actifity had finish we are want to back or go out we head ache and round of some floor to looking for our car and some time had make report to the security that your car had stolen or others.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Arafah mosque : a best mosque in Duri city to take rest and pray

Ramzi smart travel | arafah duri mosque | a mosque that lice in heart of duri city, at hang tuah street mandau district riau . This mosque is dominance with white , blue and yellow in colouring.If you pass away from pekanbaru to medan or opposite you can see beside of your road when come in to duri city mandau riau.that building so nice to see,clean and strong enough. and so much help for an islamic people to rest , relax and doing a pray.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Amazing Lake at putra jaya : it make by malaysia government

Ramzi smart travel | putra jaya lake | this lake is not a nature like because this lake is make by government of malaysia with build dam the edge of the place and fill the place with so much water, because this place is nothing a river or others so the water must be fill and bring with a bus and others.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Putra jaya : new goverment centre of malaysia how about it ..?

Ramzi smart travel | putra jaya new government centre of malaysia | Putra jaya is a new location that developed for government centre and kings palace.| Some government office had build and used in this location.Infrastructure like roads , bridges some mosque and others had exist in this locations.A makes like or did not naturally lake had exist in this locations and make its locations so calm , and beautifull.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

So much choice in Seafood Bandar jakarta : Taman impian jaya ancol

Ramzi smart travel |seafood  bandar jakarta | So much choice of sea food in bandar jakarta are ready to choice , cooking and eat . Crabs , bawal fish , gurame fish , shrimps , jelly fish one others are ready stock in the aquarium.just choice you can see the price that list in the wall of aquarium so you can choice as similar wist your pocket.because the coice also ready from low price to the exspensive ones.The vegetable and fruit also ready here. Some type seldom crab or fish also readuy here but with different price too.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Parapat shoot from many place 5 years ago .....a fresh memory

Ramzi smart travel | parapat toba lake | Parapat is a beautiful place that first  i know and alway fresh in my mwmory.Parapat in 1990 is best place in the edge of the toba lake is one of the famous place to travel purpose in north sumatera.So much foreign guest from many nations of all the world.I still remember in that years , really i am still studying at north sumatera university . Where every 6 month always back to west sumatera through parapat a place that beside of district simalungun .

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Museum Malacca kings palace and its consist collection

Ramzi smart travel | Museum malacca kings palace | Early this muzeum is a kings palace of malacca and now this change fungtion as a museum.And this locations in this moment to be a travel place in the red house malaka.

SensationsTraveling from pangkal pinang - mentok - palembang through musi river

Ramzi smart travel | traveling pangkal pinang - mentok - palembang throught musi river | Make traveling by car and ferry from musi river be especial sensations for us.some place had been fill my brain to be remember.After travel and stay in tanah liat we planing to back to palembang via sea and musi river by car and ferry .

Monday, October 15, 2012

Medan great mosque : evidence of high quality mosque in medan

Ramzi smart travel | medan great mosque | this mosque now had an icon of medan city , had build in 1906 and location is at sisingamangaraja street medan . It take place near from medan king palace maimun.So much hotel are stand up in this street like garuda hotel , antares hotel and many else.

Picture of this mosque take from a madani hotel in front of this mosque in the morning the traffict not crowded yet.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bandrek house : hot drink at the cool place in payakumbuh

Ramzi smart travel | bandrek house | bandrek house is a place that location in highway from pekanbaru to payakumbuh . Accurately is near of payakumbuh city at the highland location,so drink a cup of various hot bandrek in the morning is nice enough to relax and rest in this place.So much choice of drink and food like wet and dry noodle with egg or chicken , dry rice , bread drill and other .

Mpek-mpek and red bean ice cup vico palembang , so long dreaming for me..

ramzi smart travel | Mpek-mpek and red bean ice vico | mpek-mpek is a specific food from palembang as  branding food from indonesia . so much branding had exsist in palembang as a famous branding that production of this food, like pak raden , candy and new one is mpek-mpek vico. Except as a mpek-mpek this branding also ready with a red bean ice . This last drink is make me dreaming to try this red bean ice again.On that day i had drink this kulliner untill twice . and until now i am still have imajinations for only to eat mpek-mpek and red bean ice vico and came again to palembang city as wong kito region.

Harley davidson , BMW and others : in surya sumatera bike week 24-30 september 2012 medan

Ramzi smart travel | Sumatera bike week 2012 medan | Harley davidson , BMW , yamaha and others or always call as big motor cycle comunity in sumatera bike week medan 2012 make many people in medan whose came to benteng wide ground hypnotism , see a variated sharp of motorcycle.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Relax at Corn peak view with sibolangit and medan background

Ramzi smart travel | Boiled corn  peak view berastagi | a place that highland beside of highway medan - berastagi where the people can take relax untill eat a boiled corn until seek a beautiful scenery.The temperature of this locations is cold enough so boiled corn can eat with hot sweet tea or hot coffee . You also can order a hot noodle and others.

Monday, October 1, 2012

had you go to kuala lumpur butterfly garden ?

Ramzi smart travel | taman rama-rama kuala lumpur | Kuala lumpur butterfly garden is a garden that
take place in kuala lumpur beside of kuala lumpur  bird park accurately in kebun bunga street and not far from malaysia independent sculpture.