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Balimau kasai on july 2012 : kampar traditional ceremony when Ramadhan coming

Ramzi smart travel | balimau kasai kampar july 2012 | sungai kampar | Balimau kasai is a traditional ceremony of kampar and around district when a shaum or ramadhan month in islamic calender is coming.This ceremonial is take a bath in a kampar river for all people that believe as a holy your body from all of sin.And its describe the fell of happiness with the ramadhan that will come.some time each region of district kampar make a decorated boat by many of people and drifting in the yellow water of kampar river.

Balimau kasai is a event that existing every years , a people with boat or buoy that can bring a few people.Buoy is some time make from the inner wheel of car or bus.then fill with an air. so this material will floating above a water.

This view is describe so crowded a people which take a part in event balimau kasai in a kampar river . A people is drifting with decoration boat and buoy with multiple colouring . They drifting part from kuok village and  other from salo village . than their finish in a batu belah village.

Decoration boat with shape as a traditional house of kampar people that make and has prepare for long time before this event begin. This decoration boat will evaluated by the organizer and valuaded to choice where of the boat is best and have high value or point will give apreciate with a lot of money untill 12 milion IDR. this value for the best one and will down this value for the next favourite.

generally , this traditional event is still debate between datuk and government about utilities and risk will be exist cause of this event like drowning and other.But this event has doing long time enought from generations to generation.And this event will have a high value to be tour and travel promotions of kampar if make it by serious promotion.

i think that about 26 decorations boat have made and drifting in front of my eyes. And i also had make a picture about this seldom destination and i had share to all of you about it event.

Many art and decoration had made by people much of it is describe about islamic story , traditional house , alquran , haji , plane , and prototype of muara takus temple.

This describe a prophet nuh ship story , where when flood is drowning all of area in a world . and prophet nuh has know and make a ship above of mountain and much people thinking that prophet nuh is grazy . but its real that the flood is come and all of people which did not believe with him also his wife and his child . But the thruth people and some of animal is save untill the flood decrease.

the muara takus temple prototype is also drifting to batu belah ... its really imposible because this temple is so big and weight.This temple is really stand in tiga belas koto kampar region.

this plane is describe the plane which bring a people whos will go to arabic nations to do a haji as a must doing by the have people in islamic religion.

View of the distal of kampar river , where this ceremonial will end in a wide ground , and doing some ceremonial by a bupati chief of district region or others.

this is decoration boat number thirdteen

decoration boat describe a mosque with a group of people are reading an Alquran .

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