Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lawang sewu , an eerie old building with scary story that we must visited in semarang

Ramzi samrt travel | lawang sewu | one of the traveling destinations that we must seeing is a hystory place of semarang city is lawang sewu . A place that build when nedherland are government in indonesia . some eerie story are developed and tell to all of the guest or visitor about this place.some telling about gate , windows , old building and about story of the undel ground of this building when japanese army are siting this building and semarang some scarry place are hiding in this ground and ready to expose to the guest. are you ready to hear this...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

greeting from hanoman at arjuna temple ...dieng

Ramzi smart travel | Greeting from hanoman | if we arrived at arjuna temple locations you are also can take photography with a traditional dress people like a hanoman . a guest can take picture with a hanoman in the temple for 5 thousand IDR.

Take picture with teletubbies at arjuna temple area

Ramzi smart travel | take photography with teletubbies | For take interest a child in a arjuna temple area , some people make a teletubbies costume for take picture with him. For rent the photography we must pay for 5 thousand IDR.My child must be cry for before her want to takepicture with teletubbies are realize . and know you can see how nice her smile...loving funniest doughter..

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dieng plateu theatre : a place where you can watching big part about dieng story step by step..

Ramzi smart travel | Dieng plateu theatre | a building that is function to promote dieng teritory , tour and travel  nature fasility , history of  dieng , agro productions and industry , accidental crater , a story of many temple , traditional food and art , museum , story about hair of the people , cold climate highland region. and others.It can you see in a package story in dieng plateu theatre in film shape for about 40 minute .

Big logo in front of dieng theatre

Ongklok noodle : specific cullinary from wonosobo dieng

Ramzi smart travel | Mie onklok |onklok noodle is a spesific traditional cullinary from wonosobo dieng . this food consist a beef or chicken satay , a part of egg , vegetable and gravy but not liquid gravy its tendent to be a jelly . and thats why it be a specific noodle food and did not much a noodle cullinary have a jelly gravy.

a onklok noodle cullinary are ready to eat in one of small shop in dieng

Saturday, February 2, 2013

63.000 palito daun cake for 63th district kampar birhday

Ramzi smart travel | palito daun cake | when 63th district kampar birthday ceremony at islamic centre bangkinang , its listing to the muri record to make a tradisional cake specific from kampar . in the saturday morning also make jogging for all kampar people and gift some motor cycle and others.this ceremonies open bychief of kampar goverment .