Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Valley cafe dago pakar bandung best all you can eat ....cold temperature and best cullinary combinations..

Ramzi smart travel | the valley cafe | a cafe that take a place in dago pakar , hiding in a small street . Many cullinary are in a many table like a hot soup above table and we can take many vegetable , seafood , bakso , fresh meat , jelly fish , shrimp , crabb , noodle and other many dry proses also can use . When arrive at lokations from dago pakar residen we parking a car at the parking area in twilight moment , just many car had arrived and parking in the first floor of that building . we reach a second floor beside of the building by an up stair and cold temperature had cover of our soul . Security had help us to take a picture in the stair.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Incredible traveling destinations tanggerang city that you must see and visiting....

Ramzi Smart Travel | Tangerang city destinations | As a developing city and have high increase of populations that might be on the big five amount of populations after jakarta , surabaya ,bekasi and others. Many place and cullinary and others make some place in tangerang good enough to be see and visiting. Some mall , like Tang city , metropolis , sms ,mall balekota and others can be anothers destinations for shopping or just a window shopping especially to the ladies. Especially for tang city mall where in near of the time for 19-21 September 2014 will be doing  the indonesian vascular and endovascular surgery conggress  in novotel hotel tangerang. More of international and indonesian vascular speaker are come and joint in this moment..and will be best moment to expose tanggerang destinations..

big mosque tanggerang

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Travel purpose and archipelago culture promote in Jakarta Convension Centre ...( Pameran wisata dan budaya nusantara di jakarta konvension senter )

Ramzi Smart travel | travel purposeand arcipelago culture | Many district of indonesia are promote the traveling object in its distric and regions like waterfall, dance , sea and the beach , traditional house , cullinary , hand made and other. Beside of this area also simultaneus had a bycicle promotion with many type of the bycicle and brand.

a gate of the culture and traveling purpose area

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sunday morning ...In sunda kelapa mosque with all Padang cullinary ..Try it please..( sudah pernah coba menu kulliner padang di pelataran mesjid sunda kelapa jakarta ...coba aja )

Ramzi smart travel | Padang cullinary bazzar | Every sunday morning if you want to test an original padang cullinary a place that you must visite is a sunda kelapa mosque . So much aseldom food like bika , lamang baluo , soto padang , Lepat bugis , pinukuik , katupek sayua , sate padang , karupuak sanjai and many others. So after take jogging or sporting in the suropati garden i take spare of time to eat and try many cullinary thats i thinks so traditional food . Where i always dreaming to get it. we also can buy a duck ( itiak lado mudo ) , rendang , bubur kampiun and others

bazaar gate at sunda kelapa mosque , many people are shopping there