Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Muslimin cave a misterious cave with a much vampire palace in sawang south aceh.

Ramzi smart travel | muslimin cave | south aceh |  its a cave that exist in a base of hill . is about 15 km from a centre of tapak tuan in the way to blang pidie.It lie did not far from the edge of the high way.On the right side and we must go down to the river side,that so wide enough with a small stone and coral stone.And with a car as avanza still can be pass away.After drive about 1 minute we arrived in the foot of hill and ready to climbing a hill and see a muslimin cave that so stranger..

Saturday, November 26, 2011

video streaming ie lhok waterfall and nature stone lake sawang south aceh...hem..

Ramzi smart travel | ie lhok sawang | waterfall | nature swimming pool | Sorry , i must change thats had been false and flace of  travelling object thats is not a lhok rukan but its a ie lhok sawang . This place is not yet touch by traveling industri and promote so if you want to see this place please log to the link site youtube below. address :VODEO YOU TUBE OBJEK WISATA IE LHOK WATER FALL SAWANG ACEH SELATAN

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dark cave a place that full sensations before and after exspeditions..weis..

Ramzi smart travel | Dark cave | south aceh | do work at Tapak tuan for more than 1 year had make my eyes is open for maxi or call as exopthalmus.Its so much travelers object are ready here that some of there still as consumtive of the local people but much of the local people don't know yet but our had go there.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pasir setumpuk , an amzing travel place at lhok rukam tapak tuan....lets go there

Ramzi smart travel | pasir setumpuk | In south aceh that so much hiding travel place that so amazing to visiting.A beautifull sea and coast with white beach , clean and naturally and small bubble are touch your foot skin with a softly . Hope found a sea wave that are like a stair , flow with free style a seek in many spot as long as the right way medan  aceh.The mountains and hills are spread out with an ideals and beautifully with a tropical forrest trees that save and maintenence by it self at left and right of our way.And always we see wild animal like a monkey , forrest pig , sumatera lion and porcupine.