Sunday, May 19, 2013

tieng view place ( gardu pandang tieng ) exotic scenery on the way from wonosobo to dieng

Ramzi smart travel | tieng view place | tieng sceneri a special place that locations between wonosobo to dieng  , where we can see a beautifull place with a few a village that around of a hill with a green leaf potatoes garden at below of our standing place. This building are make with two floor and and use a stairs to get a second floor. From this place we also can see a sun rise or sun set in the twillight time.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Suharto - whitlam villas : a beautifull place in dieng where presiden of Republic indonesia and Prime minister os australia had meet

Ramzi smart travel | suharto witham villas | a place where presiden  republic of Indonesia suharto had been use this place to meet with his friend prime minister of australia mr witham. This villas was colouring in white and green with locations near from arjuna we can just walking to reach an arjuna temple , gatot kaca temple and kalisa museum

Thursday, May 9, 2013

clouding in first dreams are loosing to see a wonderfull kintamani lake ...

Ramzi smart travel | kintamani lake and fresh place | when stay in bali few month ago i have dreams to visite and see a beautifull kintamani lake from a highland place beside. I had compatible with many lake in indonesia that i had seen.But we are so sad when arrive at kintamani just see a white view . I have commitment to come again to kintamani at next time and i suggest for you who want to se a kintamani lake must evaluation of the seasons and better go in the morning time.

Tampaksiring : a soekarno president palace in bali ....

Ramzi smart travel | Tampaksiring | A palace that build of Ir soekarno as president of Indonesia in gianyar bali . It begin build at 1957 in region tampaksiring in purpose that a president did not have a place to stay in bali. Tampak means as volar hand and siring means as not flat This palace is consist of 4 part . like merdeka part , yudistira part and others. and all of this palace are finish at 1963. This is my first visite to this palace but we can come in to the palace because it does not time to allowed us visiting inside.

main gate where a guest must pass a security post before come in the palace