Monday, March 5, 2012

A few place you must visiting in padang panjang city

Ramzi smart travel | a few pavourite place in padang panjang | Mifan place
1. Mifan place

Mifan is a place where a child and adult people can playing few of game like water bom , swimming pool , small motorcycle , fishing terapi etc.

At location of mifan we also found a home stay or villa for rent per day.

A fresh and cool climate  make frresh for our body in a strong sun shine at the day.But we canot fell cause wind blow is soo cool.But when playing you must used a sun block for your skin to be save

MIFAN ( Minang Fantasy ), located at Silaing Atas in Padang Panjang City, it has many playing objects such as Flying Fox, Water Boom, Roller Coaster, Futsal Field, and many thing that you’ll find at MIFAN. The insert cost to MIFAN is pretty expensive, about IDR 35.000 at ordinary day and IDR 50.000 at holiday, but the expensiveness of the insert will be pay by the facilities that

You can play and enjoy at MIFAN. You can play in this place as want as you like.

The second one is Lubuk Mata Kucing, located at Pasa Usang in Padang Panjang. You know, Lubuk Mata Kucing is oldest tourism destination object in Padang Panjang, it was exist since 1956 until now. The fresh water comes from Singgalang Mountain, you’ll not be regret if you jump your body into the fresh water that makes your body cold and fresh. The insert is very cheap, about IDR 2.500 for all days
this is a pool for playing water becycle in the open fresh place that so naturally and frendly.the wind blow so fresh when feel in our skin.and we can see a marapi and singgalang mountain because we are stay between both famous mountain in west sumatera.

2. Mak syukur satay place

If you depart from Padang to PadangPanjang (or on the way back to Padang), it's recommended to stop by at one of the local Sate restaurants: Mak Syukur or Saiyo. The satay is a similar to Padang Satay , but the cool temperature makes it nice to eat the spicy sauce. Satay is usually eaten with rice cubes, bull's rinds/cracklings, and the spicy sauce. Besides meat, they usually also serve other organs such as intestines, liver, heart , muscke etc.

3. Padang panjang market centre
Padangpanjang is a great alternative market if you find Bukittinggi too intense and huge to navigate in. Sunday is the big market day. Find the aisle in the main undercover building where rows of women dish up dollops of sweet pudding of many varieties. The seated women, each one a matriarch with warmth and goodwill, offer a little respite from the market buzz and sell sell sell while eating these pudding pots, find a stool to park your bum in mama's circle. Each one has only one combo to serve so just nod and point - most ingredients are the same just configured differently - glutinous rice or rice flour and coconut milk and sugar, coconut flesh or maybe banana or other toppings and red palm sugar syrup - very cheap, and comforting. Stay until you feel ready to face the frenzy again.

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