Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hard rock cafe : kuta beach bali at night moment

Ramzi smart travel | hard rock cafe | kuta beach bali | Hard rock cafe is an international  branded that had exist in kuta beach bali in about more than 18 years old..Hard rock cafe in bali is opened at 3 october 1993 one years late then hard rock cafe in jakarta which opened at 2 october 1992

The cafe with mark of big guitar in front of it building are standing in kuta beach street , with a view to the kuta beach make much visitor or consumer like to be stay and drink in this cafe.And this location that very strategiest to reach by walking and motorcycle or by car and bus.make it so hope place to relax and hear a music.As an information in the new year time i ask you not to go to this location because so much people , crowded and you will see a sea people .

take a picture in front of hard rock cafe bali in the night that so nice experience and make it as especially moment.The back ground is big guitar.

View hard rock cafe from the kuta beach at the night saw so dark , so crowded and many people pass away in front of the cafe.this is also because a route of this street is one way so the car or bus which enter from legian must pass allow this kuta beach street.

hard rock cafe is first opened in london united kingdom at june 14 , 1971 than followed in toronto canada at june 23 , 1971.the owner of hard rock cafe is peter morton and isaac tigrett an american young people.

Hard rock cafe is not franchise cafe , so in Indonesia only have 2 place of hard rock cafe and still exist untill now . and terrible of this cafe is still exist with always have much guest every day especially in saturday night always make it fever and sick the guest if did not stand and hear a delicious memoriable hard rock music that collect every times and every years . try it and hope that you will anaesthesia with its music.

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