Monday, August 27, 2012

Bali safari and marine park , see real animals from a bus

Ramzi smart travel | bali safari and marine park | Bali safari and marine park is a place in part of bali that build in a wide enough area where we can see an animals on the way by bus and others . as i know that place like bali safari is also we can found in jakarta that call as safari garden or taman safari in cisarua west java.

when arrive in bali safari and marine gianyar bali , this place is end of a car you will drop here by your driver and your driver will lookingfor a parking area that it take place in front of this main terminal.So you can go to the ticketing  area to buy ticket came in of the ground area.

a ticket price when we are go there is 150.000 IDR per person or about 15 USD per person , than you can report your ticket in customer and if no problem you can entrance to this location.

Than you must waiting a bus like above in this location , because a bus is always ro-rounded in this area , and this bus will bring for about more then 25 person . so you must waiting anothers people and make a bus full then it will go after that.

This bus is make so unique , because its design with 7 door with a logo bali safari and marine park , this bus seem secure to bring people near to the wild animal in this park

This one is a corner that an entrance gate and a place that you must wait another people to go together in a bus.

First one you will bring buy a bus to a place that name terminal bali , you will drop here and may walking and round in this area .

so much enought willd animal , art , animal photography , animal theathe and story , dance and others a ready here.

for you that have trouble with this location you can see a map of this place.

if you continius walking sraigh line , you will see and arrived at lobby barong a wide open  ground area , in this place you can ask for the information post that ready in this location.You also can see much aquarium in this location .

As a marine promotions of this area , althought this aquarium is not so much but yau still can a few of fish like piranha and other seldom fish in the world which ready to see here.
May be you must know that in eat time of piranha is at 04.00 PM. so if you want to see a piranha eat a meat or chicken that hangging in the aquarium don't be pass away this moment.setting your time and ask to the information about it.

Bale banjar safari is a theatre of traditional balinese dance and  you can take photography with a dancer or just for asking and discussion about bali dance or you want to try dancing with a dancer.

This is a place that you can take picture with a small or child of tiger with live , but you must pay any mone for this picture.

This information about white tiger in bali safari park , this park had have 20 white tiger . original habitat of this white tiger is forrest of india . with the first generations is call as mohan.

you or youf family can take photography with a child of white tiger with cost about 200.000 IDR oh yea its different between take picture with your cam or not your camera.

if finish with this area you must come back to the bali terminal place a place that you first drop of the bus. Than you must qeueu in waiting a bus in this location with another visiter.

When a bus has arrive you will come in to the bus simultaneous to each this location a ready a security to guide you or give you some informations if you need.

In the bus you can see a view in front or beside of your site right or left.A pretty uniform girl will guide you in front of the bus and he will explains you every place and wild animal out of the bus where you pass away

With a microphone and sound system you can hear with clear the explanations of the guiding.You also can asking or take a photography every wild animal from a mirror of a bus.

A sumatera tiger had been sleeping after eating until full.It can sleep for along time more than 2 days after eat a delicious food . And it make the tiger lazy

Rhinocerus with two horn that we can see very close and get picture for a collection , you also can, find hyphopphotemus ,  crocodile , elephant , buffallow , tiger , lion and each others wild animal.

After round and back to the main terminal

Exite from the bus and back to the main terminal and go out from main terminal back to the parking area.

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