Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kowloon Mosque : a mosque in hongkong near from a MTR station kowloon , where beeing a centre of islamic community

Ramzi smart travel | Kowloon Mosque | a mosque in hongkong that and islamic centre and where a moslem from any place and any nations are praying and discussion in this mosque . Indonesia worker group always stay in this mosque for pray and discussion about life , islamic holy alquran , an many others. A white colour mosque make me happy and proud to seem the moslem hongkong community place . so as we know this locations are place around high central bussines building building in kowloon hongkong. and this mosque i think famous enought in the eye of kowloon citizent

in front of kowloon mosque hongkong before an isya pray at 9 a clock pm .

Beside a pray place of moslem in hongkong this mosque also as an information centre for moslem hongkong and the moslem traveler or moslem visitor in hongkong. many list of cafe , bar or restourant that had labeled by this moslem hongkong community had place in the mosque wall . so many moslem that don't know a really halal food and baverage are known and guaranteed.

If you go to hongkong may be you can visite this place , it is not difficult to found it. From central you can used a MTR from central stations to admiralty station than you must change a MTR line to kowloon and stop at kowloon stations. Than you can see an exit gate which nearest to the kowloon mosque . So you can also choice many others line like from a cousebay way you can start from cousebay way station to admiralty station and continious to the same way from central stations.

This is an admiralty stations you can see at every MRT stations so don't be affraid that you will pass away the stations.

List of halal fod and restaurant in the kowloon mosque wall all of the people whose praying in the mosque can read it.

the second past of the list

Advertizing of turkey kebab in front of the kowloon mosque

Many list of the halal moslem food in the standing banner at kowloon mosque.

reception place in the mosque with many moslem around . this mosque building are make in 3 rd floor and first flore is for many seremonial and manajement place , second floor for islamic development and educations school for childrens and the thirds is a hall for pray,

Hall of prays in the thirds floor of the kowloon mosque

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