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Berastagi fruit market , so much fresh fruit that can choose and buy

Ramzi smart travel | berastagi fruit market | a market where so much fresh fruit as a localize agriculture productions that sell by karo people in this market.This market is so traditional and never exchange and renovations untill now.This market is real fruit market that location in berastagi city in karo simalem , or it means as a beautiful karo .

Spesific sculpture that describe art of roof from traditional house of karo people , you will soon find when came from medan . Before arrive to berastagi city your way little turn up and far from the road you will see a culpture with hight about 40 meter and ring road around a sculpture.if you get a stright way you will arrived at kaban jahe city a centre of distric karo land. And if you get turn to right you will meet a berstagi market.

Berastagi fruit market is a real traditional market in berastagi city , this market kad exist for long enought fase of the berastagi city.Much people had trding in this market and wave of economic people had support of this market. But we must differentiated with Brastagi fruit market , this last one is a modern market that locations in medan city.

situations inside of the market , full with many fruits and the walking way seems to be narrow . This market is feel so cool althought so narrow but cool and fresh air make this is to be not disturb transaktion proses in this market . Its of course different with situations if this traditional market had locations in the big city like jakarta or medan.

Various fruit had been found in this market as we can see in this picture , manggos , oranges , terong belanda and especially a pepino .with gray violet strip shape.japanese people is call this fruit as pepino , england people call as peermelon and holland people call as meloon peer. tHis fruit is believe as drug fruit because it can threat stroke and other vasculer desease.

marquisa fruit is a white soft content fruit , sweet and black seed . But some marquisa is describe with a yellow colouring and acid taste. This marquisa is always make fruit syrup that much productions from this area.

some fruits are expose here like a marquisa , banana , vegetables , manggo , tomatos and many others.

another fruit place this also sell manggis , kesemek , tomato and others

kesemek fruit , white close skin of the fruit with yellow consist of fruit.

Strawberry also be productions by karo people and sell in this market , as we know that karo land simalem is a region in the feet of sinabung and sibayak mountain . So it make karo is a most fertile region in north sumatera province.and much of fruit can planting and fertile , develop and production fruit every time.

Have you see a fruit is hangging and make like this ? this terong belanda fruits that sell like this can you see in berastagi fruit market . this fruit is nice best in teste if make as a juice or syrup.

Small tomato is a specials fruit also ready in this market , some in red colouring and others in yellow colouring .

Beautiful gold colouring gould fruit also sell here .

Reddish potatos are found also show in the table of the market.

Berastagi market also have mercandise of many art collection , original hand made for gift , scarf , tsirt , and others .

The road is a way in front of berastagi market fruit and this road can bring us to the more highland that call as gundaling a high place that you can see a berastagi city from above and view of sinabung mountain that can see so clear.In this gundaling area you also riding a horse around of that area , cool air and wind make you must bring a thigh clothings . but must be carefully because this place is dificult to looking for a parking area especially in holiday time.

Beside of berastagi narket also had a tourist information center , so if you have a problem in this berastagi city you can visiting to this place and tell your problem or you asking.The secority post also ready in this locations like police station.

Kunjungan ke berastagi saat lebaran 31 juki 2014 ,saat keliling danau toba merek - parapat..

a horse ride can do by a child with a guide

 mini shope for berastagy gift

neckless and others with branded of berastagi

neckless and brakelet

corn of berastagi fruit with a 5.000 in price

many of berastagi fruit

a view from a new way translocation in front of a sibayak hotel , because of jump in a high way.

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