Monday, November 12, 2012

Baung fish Hot chilli acid , in pondok danau resto salo - bangkinang street ...nice taste

Ramzi smart travel | Baung fish hot chilli acid | is a specific food from riau . This food is a proud food of riau people and for the guest is hunting of food like baung fish hot chilli acid is some resto in pekanbaru or other is
place in riau.In pekanbaru we can found baung or patin fis hot chilli acid like H M yunus resto  at sudirman street pekanbaru , pondok baung st sudirman street too beside of awal bros horpital.At Bangkinang you can try pondok danau resto in salo village not far from bima sakti location.and selera A yani at a yani street bangkinang.

Sacrifice cow and goat at musholla arramadhan when idul adha ceremonial

Ramzi smart travel | musholla arramadhan pondok mutiara | sacrifice of cow and goat when idul adha ceremony this year 2012 , six of cow and three of goat had sacrifjce by accredited member of pondok mutiara housing complex.Some actifity is increase in this place for this day . After ied adha pray we are all together will go to this place for a sacrifice ceremonial.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Darma yudha school , one of the best school in pekanbaru..

Ramzi smart travel | darma yudha school pekanbaru | this school is place where my son and doughter get study . school that build with strong and glory and U shape with few open ground in midle and front of the school . some sport facilities and few must be a parking area.In this place darma yuda make it from elementary , yunior high school and senior high school.But for senior and yunior high school just for temporary and may be next years change to the new locations.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

New SSQ II airport pekanbaru...

Ramzi smart travel | Sultan Syarif Qasim II airport pekanbaru | New SSQ II airport is only one and the best airport that riau people belongs had begin operational with new building , new fasility and other . This operational is begin at september is equals with indonesia sport competition XVIII in riau.The old airport had been destroying and make to be a plane parking area.

New gate of main stadium riau ...

Ramzi smart travel | new gate of main stadium riau | this main stadium is finis after the sport national competitions is finish , but this building is continius to build till finish.This well come gate is prepare to Indonesian solidarity game that will be doing on midle of next years 2013.all of riau and indonesia people will be waiting and prepare this time and date. and of course this main stadium will be used for this party and ceremony.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

What is collections of siak palace that so hypno guest....?

Ramzi smart travel | Siak palace have many old collection | this collections is variation from chair , music tool , plate ,hand made ceramic from china , meeting room , and others.Actually a good maintenence of the team and government that make this old thing as a things that belongs of kings and family still exist and can we saw untill now.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New bangka belitung Governor main office ....

Ramzi smart travel | Bangka belitung governor main office | Governor of bangka belitung province had new building that lies in air itam , pangkal pinang.and at first of january had exchange to this government regional office than at sudirman street no 12 the old office.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Stranger tree in bogor president palace is known..

Ramzi smart travel | strangger tree in bogor president palace | When visite in bogor president palace on june 2012 some of guest that consist of that visite group saw a strangger tree with a strangger shape of its flower and fruit.The leaf of this tree is much and soo high. But for some of the guest make it surprise when see this tree.

Friday, November 2, 2012

How about KL Tower shape when view from a few place

Ramzi smart travel | KL tower | Tower that is build in 1991 and finished building at march 1995 when prime minister is mr mahatir muhammad when he was be a president of malaysia.This building is build in three phase that first is make an infrastucture of the nanas road and then second build a base and third is finishing of the tower.