Saturday, January 28, 2012

How wonderful tao silalahi a place beside toba lake

Tao Silalahi .In a residential Silahisabungan dairi its lie a beautiful place in anothers side of toba lake. We can find some county  as long as the edge of toba lake, like silalahi 1,silalahi 2 ,silalahi 3 and paropo.A wonderful beach of lake we can meet about 28 km.In this county silahisabungan we can found the deepest base of the lake thats may be about 900 meter.

To reach a place of tao silalahi we can used 2 way , first from tongging and we use the ways as long as the edge of toba lake . we can saw the life style and tradisional  house of people who live beside of toba lake. the second ways is from high ways medan to sidikalang at the renun place we must turn down to tao silalahi . on the way turn down we can saw a beatifull toba lake scenery from above with full turn road

Actually tao silalahi didn't part of samosir island. Wide distance between samosir island and land of silalahi thats why this places called  tao silalahi.Tao silalahi as we tell previous that is apart of deepest toba lake.if we saw by google earth tao silalahi is widest distance between samosir island and highland sorounding.Thats why the big streaming water always existing in a tao silalahi.But by the people this streaming  always as a sign that a summer will come.Most of people that live here is a sailor , he catch a fish from toba like.Most of the people is a crist thats why most of church we can found in this place.Tao its mean a lake as tour and travel region in a batak language.
Really beauty and wonderfull thats a word will we can expression if this s an our first traveller there.Why not , the lake also have a beatiful beach and a county around have have a high tale and tradisional home and art.The beach also can used as a place of beach sport like beach volly ball sport.

Tao silalahi is location about 128 km from medan.This place also have much a fresh fish that rich by protein and good to the healthy,like ikan mas and mujair.the people says that fish is more than the same fish from vietnam or thailand.

Another beautiful tradition of the tao silalahi is where between juni-juli when stream with high about 60-70 cm because of blow of hard wind.The streaming is always waiting by a tourist no exeption foreign tourist to saw that beautiful stream .

The people that live in this place is commonly from fam silalahi.In this place also have a monument of fam silalahi that beleave a holi place.They beleave grandfa silalahi sabungan had preserve this place and people.

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Kardoman Tumangger said...

Tao Silalahi is the deepest and the largest part of Toba Lake. It's wonderful. I was there..

BLOG Dokter RAMZI ASRIAL SpB said...

yes,i also was there for about three can be as best place to travel for a tourist.Thats only need to promote to international and national people.and also renovation an infrastructure and traditional art and food.i am sure that it will be increase a visitor.thanks....

Anonymous said...


We visited Silalahi last January, near the old palace we saw porcelain dishes cemented into the rocks near the lake.
Can you tell us what this is for ?


Karel, the Netherlands.

Dr RAMZI ASRIAL SpB said... karel , thanks for your comment in this site , if you mean a place around this monument or old batak palace . and near from the lake.When i had went to this place may be about 4 years ago , i did not found a porcelein in the stone.but as i know the place at the edge of lake which cemented is a place for traditional ceremonial of the local people , to pray for the spirit of old families whose death. tq

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reaction.
I posted a photo of the scene at:

I agree that this has to do with traditional ceremonies.

Greetings Karel


Tq mr karel, i had visited to your site , i was so proud that you had interested to our country , some destination place in indonesia had you saw , where i am just had gone to a few of that.

Its really , when we went to that place i did not saw this porcelein dish.I think it just exist for last 1 or 2 years ago. tq