Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kindergaten dance at education 21 pekanbaru ceremonials

Ramzi smart travel | kindergaten dance | when launching of senior high school of education 21 kulim pekanbaru same dance are prepare to do in this party . One of the dance that make interest for us is when a kindergaten school are take a dance with music que sera-sera this the picture

Sikidang crater : a famous destinations crater in dieng wonosobo

Ramzi smart travel | Sikidang crater | is one of many crater that famous in dieng , hot sulfur buble water with a white cloud closed asky above of the crater.This situations make a specific picture when see far from the crater. Sikidang crater is not far from a warna lake and dieng theatre may be about 5 minute from warna lake.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Merdada lake , an exiting lake from dieng banjarnegara

Ramzi smart travel | Merdada lake | one of few lake that exist by nature in dieng banjarnegara highland that so exiting for my eyes . As we know that dieng is devided under two district government thats is wonosobo and banjarnegara.So merdada lake is take place at banjarnegara district.Some traveling destinations are exist in this district like arjuna temple , gatot kaca temple , muzeum , merdada lake , seliki crater , sun rise place and lets go to mardada lake for the first.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Barongsai dance at opening of senior high school educations 21

Ramzi smart travel | barongsai ceremony | this ceremony video is take from open ceremony of the launching opening ceremony at senior high school of education 21 pekanbaru . This ceremony is doing at saturday , January 20 th 2013 at kulim street no 8 tampan pekanbaru .

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Five branch of road ( Simpang lima ) Semarang and its activity in the morning last year 2012

Ramzi smart travel | Five branch of road semarang | Simpang lima semarang is an open ground of semarang that cal as alun-alun by a semarang people is take place at centre of semarang . Some building are stand up with a glory and high beside and around of the wide open ground. some building  like ciputra building , mosque , office and other are can be found here . This some activity and picture than are recording in a static picture by my camera.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Carica fruit dieng , a small papaya like fruit that live and growth in dieng plateu

Ramzi smart travel | calica fruit | specific fruit from dieng , it just found in dieng highland in hing about 2000 metre from sea surface. especially at cool temperature . This calica tree like a papaya tree and 
also about the leaf its i think similar but calica fruit is different with a papaya fruit , small meanwhile papaya is bigger more then 3 times .

Santika hotel semarang , some picture when stay in this new year

Ramzi smart travel | Santika hotel semarang | This new year 2013 we are stay in 8 floor of santika hotel semarang this locations is near from a centre of semarang , simpang lima . Its a wide open ground that always used for ceremony , as a lung of the semarang city to product oxygen for it green grass and leaf of tree , for jogging and others.To reach an open ground simpang lima you just need to walk from this hotel for 5 minute.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Kuil Sam poo kong or Cheng ho Semarang an old story of chinese exspeditions track

Ramzi Smart travel | Kuil sam poo kong | is a kuil that build by a chinese whose live in semarang as a mark that sam phoo kong or more famous as laksamana cheng ho with his exspedition team ever been stay in semarang about 1603 -1616 . Cheng ho alone is beliave as a moslem and was born and adult in yunan thats part of chinese nations which is big part of people there was a moslim until know.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Warna lake or telaga warna , the famous destination place in dieng plateu

Ramzi smart travel | warna lake or telaga warna | the famous expose and publications of the dieng is this lake . Different colouring of the lake make cause of consist the water . Sulfur is generaly make a water of the lake is describe green colouring. so make the beautiful lake if we see  Is it view from above the small hill or flat in surface of the this lake nothing alive and the other one is dark lake with which is not consist of sulfur so this lake have alive so much people have a keep fish place for eat , sell and others.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Dieng plateu gate , my first sensation target travelling in centre of java

Ramzi smart travel | Dieng plateu | Dieng plateu is my big dreaming target to realization seek , feel and stay in the end of this year 2012 and celebrate my new year 2013.Some information that collecting before from internet and television or magazine want to be evidence at this moment.i had deside to to at the end of this year . Some permit letter had realized to save my job place desember 28 , 2012 is the begin time. to reach dieng need 4 hour from semarang and 45 minute from wonosobo by a car . This time is still in predicion but if you start away at the day time may be you must think a crowded road as a consideration about time.

Wonosobo : a cool place in centre of java as travelling destinations

Ramzi smart travel | Wonosobo destinations | wonosobo is one of district in centre of java , a highland with cool temperature . Surface of the land is contuuring with high and low place so its did not flat.this distric always rain seasons and wet . so when we arrive in wonosobo in the morning at desember 29 , 2012 the wind is feel so cool it fell until the deep bone and muscle.It make shivering and rigid in our muscle fibre.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Labersa hotel and restaurant : hotel with 8 floor chinese oriental restaurant

Ramzi smart travel | Labersa hotel and restorant in pekanbaru | Looking for a hotel with 5 star in pekanbaru ofcourse you have 2 choice the first is jatra hotel obove of mall pekanbaru and the others is Labersa hotel . Actually this labersa hotel is take place at the edge of pekanbaru city but take place at at kampar district.Labersa it means " lapan ber saudara" its indinesians akronim.Where is the owner have an 8 children.