Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gedong songo temple : history and traveling destination in semarang

Ramzi Smart travel | Gedong songo temple | it is an amzing exsperience about history , nature , and travel destinations that will be reach in the peak of the many hill where had a temple in every hill. We must thinking and must be tired to reach and see the bigest evidence of history , that we must used an horse to see all of the temple and i must thinki how difficult our grand-grand father and other had build it , how about technik to brings the material like , cement , stone and other to every tip of the hill . lets see it .

This is gate to locations of gedong songo temple

Sensation Soto Banjar at resto amando in balikpapan-samarinda highway...heem

Ramzi smart travel | Soto Banjar | A cup of soto banjar had therapy my hungry feel in the way to the tenggarong city , at 01.00 wib we must stop for a moment to take eat . A place that believe famous enough to eat a soto banjar with rice.and some cows dried pulmo spicy satay had be a friend of my soto. That feel so good and in many time this cup had been empty. This soto banjar is take in price 21.000 IDR a cup.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lai .... A specific durian from Kutai kartanegara , believe low cholesterol..

Ramzi Smart travel | Durian Lai or pakin | is a specific fruit or specific durian from kutai or east kalimantan that i think is different with a general of durians in any place of indonesia . This lai or pakin is like a jackfruit , low or not progresive smell like a nature durian , Low of durian test sensations and low fat . Some people also says that this lai is low cholesterol. do you want to know about it ?

Muhammad cheng hoo mosque : Why it build in middle of Balikpapan - samarinda highway ?

Ramzi smart travel | Muhammad Cheng ho Mosque | Locations ofThis mosque is in the middle of Balikpapan - samarinda high way , it is on the left side if we go from balik papan , naturally at KM 50 and near from a right turn . Its really the name of this mosque is Muhammad cheng ho , with a red in colouring like a chinese ethis kuil in colouring . But so much people are used this mosque to pray here . Especially for people on trip from balik papan or opposite.

Governor office of east kalimantan , best view from the edge of mahakam river

Ramzi smart travel | Governor office of east kalimantan | Under govern of governor Mr awang east kalimantan always give advences from years to years . as a rich province some development had be realize in this province , infrastructure , mall and hotel , and one of that i think very best of east kalimantan , it is foot ball , where 4 of east kalimantan foot ball club han exist in playing in national event ,like  mitra kukar , persisam , persiba and others. viva east kalimantan. this is some picture of east kalimantan governor office :

Islamic centre samarinda : the best east borneo belonging mosque ...must be think how about maintenence..

Ramzi smart travel | Islamic centre samarinda | a big and beatifull mosque in samarinda city , one of the famous travel destinations in samarinda , had four tower at every angle which used to multiplicaions an adzan sound to all af place around an islamic centre regions. Begin at president abdul rahman wahid and finish at presiden susilo bambang yudoyono period . Some antique architecture , big bedug , hall to pray is wide and big , smooth and soft carpet , beautifull roof of dome , use escalator to reach a second floor and others.

Kutai palace museum and its collections : a wonderfull evidence of the indonesian history for our next generations...

Ramzi smart travel | Kutai palace museum | Is a museum of the kutai dynasti which is save in the kutai palace.Old building that still exist with many renovations but it still show the existencies of the ethic , law and advance of the technology in live quality and others. This palace is facing to mahakam river , the widest river in indonesias.Some tools , cloth , furniture , art and others.All of us can entrence with a ticket just for 3000 IDR per person. Some collections of the kutai palace can be seen below

Friday, March 29, 2013

Dayak traditional dress in balik papan and Me...

Ramzi Smart travel | Dayak tradisional dress | take a picture with a couple of dayak people with traditional dress and for me used a dayak dress , pet and neckless in one moment of surgeon congress in grand senyiur . my first moment for all of live time . Did you want to see this ?

As we see the women dayak people one  have an earleaf right and left fall to long untill its thoraks level this is because of weight things that hangs in her ear. many of metal rings are hangs there . Do you know how weight is it .

Canopy bridges : An adrenalin expose at sky bridges between peak of 4 bangkirai tree

Ramzi Smart travel | Canopy bridges | is a sky bridge taht make betwen four of the high bangkirai tree at 60 cm above a land surface. This bridge is build by a foreign konsultan with it donature and inhutani only facilitated place and wood and all of cost are preservasion by donatur which cost are about a billion IDR.The canopy bridge is consist of three bridge that connect all of four bangkirai tree. To climb a peak of tree it make a step ladder from a bangkirai wood . and than cross a bridge after that we can down by the preservation ladder to go down.This canopy bridge are take locations at bangkirai-hill-traveling-destinations

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bangkirai hill : a traveling destinations that so sensational with canopy bridge in 50 metre bridge of bangkirai trees.

Ramzi smart travel | bukit bangkirai | bangkirai hill | is a regional nature traveling purpose that take a place in district kutai kartanegara the richest district in Indonesia . This regions is developed and belongs of inhutani east borneo. To get this traveling destinations we must use a rental car or others that used only to the locations.The distance from balik papan to bukit bangkirai is about 55 km . First we must pass away to highway line to samarinda city.Than in 38 km we must turn to the left way and we will meet a big gate of bangkirai hill traveling area.

Kebun Sayur Traditional market : A famous place to shopping gift for guest when traveling to balikpapan

Ramzi Smart Travel | Pasar inpres kebun sayur | Kebun sayur inpres traditional market | Is a traditional famous market in balikpapan city , where a guest local or multinational always visiting to this market to lookingfor a traditional gift like a handmade ring , liontine , traditional cloths , neckless and traditional old tool and decorations. to reach this market may spend about 20-30 minute from centre balikpapan city . we must pass away a pertamina and oil collecting location by pass in minyak street. and also pass away a sea port balikpapan.

This market with many adv about new building or only renovations of kebun sayur market. the traders must be choice ?

Bekapai Garden : a green city garden destinations in balikpapan

Ramzi smart travel | Bekapai Garden | is a garden which can be found in balikpapan city , especially the locations in center of this town. so much green tree for many type and size than decorations many space of city. exist beside of the sudirman street , Balikpapan Elctrical office , Novotel hotel and many others big hotel others , and especialy not far from mall and food centre of the edge of the sea and sea food centre.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Dr Kanujoso Djatiwibiwo hospital , one of health centre in balikpapan about it..

Ramzi smart travel | Dr kanujoso djatiwibowo general hospital | is a hospital that a balikpapan government belonging . We can find this hospital at  MT haryono street no 656 balikpapan . we can used a taxi for about 40.000 IDR from the centre of balikpapan city or around  sudirman street.This trip just spend about 20 minute time to get reach the hospital. we had gone there when get a workshop PABI X balik papan . Some fasility are ready here like operation theatre for more than six , emergency instalations , policlinic , and other . some specialis and sub specialis are exist in this hospital. This is some place that can record by my camera.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oceans seafood balikpapan : first sensations with wokou fish food always recording in my mind

Ramzi smart travel | Oceans seafood balik papan | wakou fish food and manado style cullinary with hot chilli sensations by the talent hand in balikpapan.This place can be found at sudirman street balikpapan not far from balikpapan plaza may be about 200 metre distance from balokpapan plaza.And we can just walking to reach this ocean seafood. This food my first sensation food when arrive in balikpapan. some friend of this cullinari is dry shrimps , jelly fish , and vegetable with melon juice.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dry skin cow chip combine with coconut jelly ( kuah ) that so special sensation

ramzi smart travel | dry skin cow chips combine with coconut jelly ( kuah Gulai ) | its so specific and special in taste. Some padang restourant and food centre always ready this chips and if the guast order . some guess order this food as friends of the first menu.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Museum kailasa : a big part of old dieng history , relief of stone and picture collections

ramzi smart travel | Museum kailasa | A place where dieng art , history , relief of stone and picture are cillections in this place . a building that build and stand in about one hectare area , that had renovationa and begin to publications when jero wacik be a minister of indonesia travel and tour departemen. This museum is opposite of the gatotkaca temple .so we just cross of the road in front of the temple and will came in to the museum kailasa area.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gatotkaca temple : a single temple that stand beside a kailasa museum and main road of distric banjarnegara

Ramzi smart travel | Gatotkaca temple is a temple that location different with arjuna temple locations , but not far from arjuna temple may be in about 5 minute walking on the pavingblok way that especial make for traveling by government of banjarnegara.and gatotkaca temple is near from kailasa museum banjarnegara. some cafe , shop and agriculture shop are stay here and on that locations are ready a big enough car park area . so if we know this easy track is stop in museum kailasa  than see a gatot kaca temple , walking to the  arjuna temple , go to villa suharto withlam and the car is waiting in the villa parking area.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Arjuna temple : make a various destinations of dieng plateu adventure

Ramzi smart travel | arjuna temple destinations | A place where some temple are stand up in the land that is part of dieng . about 5 temple with various name are exist in this locations. The first one is an arjuna temple . To reach this temple we can use two ways , first from the museum and the others from villa suharto - witham.With only pay for 5.000 IRD you can came in to the locations not expensive course. I brave to give guarranties you will hypno with a scenery about temple , temperature and picture around.

complex of the arjuna temple

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Soto sinar deli medan best cullinary in medan .delicious

Ramzi smart travel | Soto sinar deli medan | This is one of my favorite food in medan and may be this place so famous for the mind set of medan people. just for information that this cullinary had existing in medan before i had live and stay in medan for more than 25 years ago. I am not sure when soto sinar medan begin in that place. with thick gravy that make from ekstract coconut , combined with meat , chicken and others make the teste of soto sinar deli medan enhance and thrill in the tongue.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ice durian from pekanbaru....

Ramzi smart travel | Ice durian from pekanbaru.| This place is one of specific food that used a big name fruit that say as durian . A fruit that have big problem if it hit your head but have a great memory if you eat and get sensations of your lip , tongue and oesophagus. so how about combined with the ice...? great taste .sure.

Durian that make to be liquid and use a jelly multi shape and colouring , used also milk and chocolate than use a blanded ice so ready to eat with our freand , family and others . Especially whet at a day where the temperature is so hot . a cup of this ice durian so make dreams are gone the sky.

This cafe are take place at m yamin street pekanbaru , its not far from mall of pekanbaru may be about 300 meter from the mall. this ice durian a cap for only 15.000 IDR . At this cafe also ready a satai , mpek-mpek , gado-gado and others try it ...

Semarang big mosque kauman : have an umbrella like a nabawi mosque madina

Ramzi smart travel | Semarang big mosque kauman | A great mosque in semarang that have history , have big open ground and high tower and we can reach it by used a lift.And see what the big hidden from the sky of semarang. have you see the big mosque from the roof..