Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kuala Namu : First airport that used train transportation as a rapid mass trasportations...

Ramzi smart travel | kuala namu airport | As all of us know that an airport which have rapid mass transpotations like a train in airport kuala namu is the first one. Begin in 2013 this airport had been a row model for many else airport in Indonesia , maybe next time a juanda airport surabaya and Sukarno hatta airport will be following this model. In medan we are feel so helped the existensi of this train . Never stopped , rapid anough and clean make this moda be a choice of many people in north sumatera and medan also me to. We can avoiding atraffict jump with just 60.000 IDR we can reach an airport for just about 30 minute. it condition is different if we used a taxi minimal we must pay for  about 150.000 IDR until medan. so lets use a train for relax , fast and far from a jump .

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Simarjarunjung another toba lake destinations in North sumatera province...

Ramzi Smart Travel | Simarjarunjung vilage | is a village that highland position where place beside of toba like , view of this from this peak is so beautiful and so much people fron medan and other go here just for see the picture. Some traditional cafe are stand up here and we can for get relax for just a moment. many destinations of about toba lake for many angle are so hypnotism and make us relax and so cool . a fres wind and sub tropical temperature make this place to be a favorite place. To reach this place we can go from siantar or from merek a karo land . Distance from merek to simarjarunjung may be about a hundret kilometre and just about 30 km from parapat . many people always pass this way if he want to go to south aceh

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Karo simalem destination in many place..for a holiday time...

Ramzi Smart Travel | Karo simalem destination | Karo is a highland district in north sumatera provice which many beautiful destination for traveling or holiday. A fresh and cool temperature make this area as a choice many people and citizen in a holiday time to spend a time and make it lazying go anywhere. many market , mosque , church , hospital, garden like a orange gardens , and many beatifull place view around a toba lake make so hypnotism and incredible naturale picture to get a  picture.

Evarina etaham hospital a big hospital that stand up in a high way from berastagi - kabanjahe beside of many others like a RSUD karb karo and others

Head office of the karo district

 a kabanjahe great mosque

a kabanjahe great mosque view from beside

orange garden in the highway of kaban jahe - merek

best view from a merek - kaban jahe a hill near of tongging

merek small city

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hongkong International airport : Best international airport that i had been step in the real way..

Ramzi smart travel | Hongkong international airport | i have dream to seen a hongkong and some thing about it . And that just can realized on may 2014. In the way to shenzen china as a transite nations , before tarrive to shenzhen. From the plane we must used a MRT to arrived at bagage area for more than 10 minute.

My plane frome indonesia

the way to the MRT

In MRT to the bagage area

wait the bag in bagage area

At lobby area of hongkong international airport