Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sensations sea food at pondok kelapa seafood resto at minyak street balikpapan

Ramzi smart travel | Pondok kelapa seafood resto balikpapan | a seafood resto in minyak street balikpapan that give us an eat sensations in my family first night in balikpapan. With a car from novotel hotel a place where we stay in east borneo may spent about 25 minute in time.when arrive in this locations some friends had waiting for us in this resto.

Across of Mahakam river , from tenggarong to opposite road to Samarinda,,,,

Ramzi smart travel | Across of mahakam river | As we know that a bridge of  highway to amarinda from tenggarong had break just a year ago.Its just a leave a fondations as an evidence that the bridge had exist in this locations. Many of story have been expose to the news paper and televisions but the true cause i don't know why ?. So we must across a mahakam river to reach an opposite way that near from mitra kutai kartanegara foot ball stadium. This is my first sensations when crossing a mahakam river by a small ships that can bring max for 3 car.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bondy resto : one of seafood resto place that evidence high memory in brain place

Ramzi smart travel | Bondy resto | after go round in balikpapan travel destinations , minyak street , sayur market place and we are be aware that this is had pas mid day and our feel so hungry so we ask the frend and our balikpapan drivers they are recomended to eat at bondy resto. Its really except seafood this resto also stock a bakery , steak and others.

Do you know : pekanbaru had a famous makassar cullinary that belongs of daeng gassing..

Ramzi Smart travel | sop chondro and chotto makassar In pekanbaru | this specials food is can be found in pekanbaru city in a sudirman street at opposite with a ratu mayang hotel pekanbaru. Its also not far from a main gate to sultan syarif kasim air port.This sop chondro is nice to eat as the original place in makasar at selebes island with a ketupat . But in pekanbaru we also can eat with a hot rice. this sop chondro is about 40.000 IDR for a cup without rice or ketupat and chotto makasar 28.000 IDR.