Monday, March 26, 2012

Batu Malang best place in west java

Ramzi smart travel | Batu night Spectaculer | Batu malang destination  is a city in west java with cool temperature especially at night . this place is be a travel place to get holiday by a people in west java.Batu is a special place as a target to visite because the high land and have a beautifull place.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Batik wood an enhance handicraft from tangkuban perahu bandung

Ramzi smart travel | Batik wood | Batik wood tangkuban perahu ,This is an example of very nice handycraft that you can buy in tangkuban perahu this original from the tree that live and grow around of this location.

Elephan village ( Kampung Gajah ) the enhance place in Bandung

Ramzi smart travel | Elephant Village | Elephan village is a village in distric bandung that have a cool season with fresh situation and high land from the sea surface.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Parangtritis a jogjakarta beach in a twilight moment

Ramzi smart travel |  Parangtritis beach | Parangtritis beach jogjakarta is a beautiful beach that so wide beach with arounded by a great wall of the hill.I can take a few moment in the twilight when we arrive at this location . The sky show the reddish view make this picture so different with a day moment.

Tangkuban Parahu a hypnotic cool highland in west java

Ramzi smart travel | Tangkuban parahu | Tangkuban Parahu subang west java is a best travelling place that you must try ti visit there, because this place is so beautiful with a cool climate and nice to take stay there.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lake Koto Panjang as beautiful Hydroelectrical power plant in kampar

Ramzi smart travel | Koto panjang lake  hydroelectric | Koto panjang lake  is make by human for move a turbine of hydroelectric it mean this is not a natural of lake.but for a long times it saw as naturally.If you take a trip from padang to pekanbaru you will be pass away  this location .

Tanah lot a hindus religious beautiful place in Bali

Ramzi smart travel |Pura Tanah lot | Pura tanah lot bali is a beautiful place in bali where's a bali hindus people have a old place to take pray on that place which called as pure.

Monday, March 5, 2012

A few place you must visiting in padang panjang city

Ramzi smart travel | a few pavourite place in padang panjang | Mifan place
1. Mifan place

Mifan is a place where a child and adult people can playing few of game like water bom , swimming pool , small motorcycle , fishing terapi etc.

A Japanese tunnel the horror history that left in bukittinggi

Ramzi smart travel | japanese tunnel |  japanese horror tunnel is now make by a goverment of bukittinggi city as place of tour in a west sumatera.Actually this place is made by a japanese military whose come with a gun and say that we are a brother before but then they make an indonesian people suffer and more then they killing the indonesian people.And this hole is a place of killing field an Indonesian people after they must do hard working to make a hole in about 50 meter from a surface of bukittinggi city.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Singapore flyer , rare dreaming flyer in the world

Ramzi smart travel | singapore flyer | Spectaculer Singapore flyer is like a bianglala game in ancol jakarta but this flyer is too bigger for just a children player.this is so bigger and so high thet need your adrenalin to get that. but this is similar with result that you will get after take a part in the game.