Monday, December 24, 2012

City sightseeing route a low cost traveling in singapore

Ramzi smart travel | City sightseeing singapore | we had expose a Original-tour-singapore  as an alternative traveling in many place in singapore and now we will information about another tour package travelling that call as a citysightseeing. Some place will can you see in one route with 23 $ singapore for adult and only 13 $ singapore for junior . And this time 1 $ dollar is similar with Rp 8100 ,-.If we used a taxi for only one place you may pay in about 12 dollar singapore.This traveling is 24 hour for one ticket.

The route is :

1. Suntec hub

2. the flyer

3. Marina bay sand

4. Fullerton

5. Asian Civillization Museum

6. Peninsular Plaza

7. Clarke quay

8. Miramar hotel

9. Great world city

10.Tanglin mall

11.Botanic garden

12.Orchad hotel

13.Marriot hotel


15.Orchard plaza

16.Rendesvous hotel

17.Singapore art museum

18.Rafless city and hotel

Old indonesians coin money....1900 M

Ramzi Smart Travel | Old indonesian coin money | some indonesian coins money thats make at 1900 M especially at under dutch government.Want to see  it.

Hand made cristal flower from bangkinang

Ramzi smart travel | cristal flower hand made | this is make of the nurse of the bangkinang hospital | do you want to know let's see it

This violet cristal flowers price is about 2,5 US dollars per piece , some colouring are ready like an orange , red and : e mail

Specials cake gift from batam...Banana's cake and dragon's fruit cake.

Ramzi Smart travel | special cake from batam | If you go to batam at the old time some people always looking  for an electronic with low price , but now batam have a special gift cake as oleh-oleh from batam . its call as banana's cake  and dragon,s fruit cake This specific fruit is easy to get . At hang nadim airport it can buy with a low price .

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Frightened .... when singapore coast police guard are checked our ship....

Ramzi smart travel | singapore coast police guard | we are suddent get frightened when a few minute before arrive in singapore harbour , a police coast guard ship suddent stopping our ship with a hard sound and this ships is near and make more near from our ship . I had  think that some thinks had wrong in this ships , because i never do like this before . This is strange and make my feel so scary.i am so afraid...

Destination between ..sekupang batam harbour to waterfront harbour singapore ...

Ramzi smart travel | Sekupang Batam harbour to waterfront Singapore | some Indonesians people more likes to go to Singapore from batam , so do us. Some of our family had gone to singapore from jakarta , medan and pekanbaru had concentrate in batam and  then goes to singapore through sekupang harbour batam .For you whose had planning to go to singapore from batam this is some destinations thats you will saw as long as your coast travel trip.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

How about the original tour singapore , do you want to know ?

Ramzi smart travel | the original tour singapore | at this chance i want to explain that the route of one of traveling singapore bus that you must know . because this is easy and more low price and you can see any part place with only 18 $ dolar for a person. I think it is more cheaps than used a taxi or others. ticket we can buy at orchad road and suntech city.So  you can begin from this this time we are begin from orchad road.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vivo city , first walking place in singapore from batam

Ramzi smart travel | Vivo city  | So much fasilities had exist in this palace like a water front harbour , mall , bus station , taxi station , imigrations , monorail station to sentosa island and others.A wide place that first view for a people whose visite to singapore from any other place make it open mind as describe a singapore for all place. So many people from many nations a found in this place.Some view of the vivo city as magnetic place for the guest are can see below.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sekupang harbour , its different with our memory for more 10 year before

Ramzi smart travel | Sekupang harbour batam | Its the old and first terminal in batam . I had arrive from this ships terminal for more then 10 time from all of our experience.A big ships like kerinci , rinjani and others had parking more and more in this terminal.This terminal is so crowded that i had know . But this time it seem so familiar , calm and clean.Make it different with my old mind and old memory.

Jongkee fish soup , a famous sensations for the kuliner hunter

Ramzi smart travel | Jongkee fish soup | a special and famous soup in batam , when stay and transit in batam i just suggest for did not forget to visite this jongkee fish soup . Some people say that we didn't arrive at batam before eat in this soup may be.

Goodway hotel , nice hotel for stay in nagoya batam

Ramzi smart travel | Goodway hotel in batam | When go to batam i had stay in this hotel . Wide room and much room make make reserve this hotel for 2 days.But with 2 times check in . So we can entrust a few of bagage in the store deposit.So we can go to the singapore with only a smal bag.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Thirsty in hang nadim batam..ready dringking water from

Ramzi smart travel | Drinking water from leding water faucet | its make me surprise when landing at hang nading airport batam meet a water foucet that can dringking with free and ready when we need and thisty. I had gone to many airport in indonesia really never see the fasility like this. And ust first in hang nadim batam .May be its an example project for many fasility like airport , harbour , market , and other general facility.We hope government thinking this and do it.

handsign all of government employee Sultan syarif qasim airport Pekanbaru

Ramzi smart travel | hand sign all of employee SSQ airport | when came in to the sultan syarif qasim airport pekanbaru , while go to batam , i surprise when see a big photo in the wall of one part of the second floor of the airport.A picture is full with hand sign with red , black and blue . if we see from 10 meter seem like an abstract picture but near is clear as a group of hand sign. centre of the picture is consist a sentence " we are a employee of angkasa pura II of SSK airport promise that give an excellent service with an international standart which give a customer as a king " . I am proud readings it , but give me and all of guest a fact and real actions.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Confuse in singapore ?......Singapore Visitor centers is the answer

ramzi smart travel | Singapore visitor centre | When holiday and spend your time with traveling to singapore it so much travel place are ready in singapore but you confuse because so much place is imposible to visite in a few day. Traveling with walking only make tired by rental car or taxi it is so exspensive.So to covert many place in a day you can visite many place with one route you can used  3 type bus that can ro rounded for 2-3 times a day for about 20 travel place.and you can turn on and turn out at every bus stations.Sightseeing bus , the original tour , duck and hippo and others , this bus have different route. so you can choice one bus for one day and you can visite all of place that consist of the route.

Padang food and indonesians food at lucky plaza orchad road singapore

Ramzi smart travel | padang food and indonesians food in singapore | For indonesians people and others whose like and hobbiest with padang cooks and padang foods in singapore . Its did not hard and head ache to looking for padang kuliner . Its easy for us to found food cookings in orchads road especially in nature sense of indonesia or padang food

Hard rock cafe singapore ...entertainment place in.orchad road

ramzi smart travel | Hard rock cafe singapore | When stay at orchad hotel singapore we found a hard rock cafe singapore seen from orchad street singapore.with a nice decoration lamp and strategic place which can see from an orchad road make this place so familiar and easy to reach from many place in singapore.So for the people whose hobbiest and like hard music this place is can be as dreaming place to spend a time especially in the holiday or saturday night.