Saturday, September 20, 2014

Victoria Park : a place where indonesians worker community are joinning and make activity in hongkong , as a notes of traveling

Ramzi Smart Travel | Victoria park | a famous green park in hongkong or accurately coubay way district  thatalway are fully by indonesian people community in a holiday time especially at saturday and sunday . Many indonesian worker in hongkong will give a permit to holiday for 1 day full in a week. The government of hongkong give they a legal permit and suggest the boss to give permit for one day at holiday. So if you want to meet so much indonesian people in hongkong you can visite a victoria park hongkong in sunday morning time. many temporer shops are exist in this park , karate or silat training are seen here , many indonesian food also sell in this locations , so this place are really indonesians or " indonesian banget ". When i go to this park at 02 .00 pm on monday september 8, 2014. the indonesian workers that dominant of women had been fashion show model with batik or indonesians tradisional dressing in the victoria park.

victoria park hongkong , taking when i arrived from Bus stopping in causebay way 


One view place where many arab , india , pakistan , indonesians people are trading and promote its product in a smal place and temporal seasons..many people are can buy as they want with a low price of course.

 many people are joinning in the park until relaxing and communications altogehers

 many people are sitting together a women working indonesia

silat training in victoria garden in hongkong

many of the ladies are in actions

take a fashion show to fill a holiday time a positif actifity by promote ndonesian batic and traditional indonesian dressing in hongkong

nothings publikations af this activity make they activty only take minimal publisher

this activity make a promotions of indonesian product in hongkong , many others people from any country are also visiting here.

with a batik dress party ...seem so proud and happy

front view of the victoria park

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