Friday, February 20, 2015

The Cafe Mulia hotel senayan for all you can eat ...

Ramzi Smart Travel | the Cafe mulia hotel senayan jakarta | in one invitation for dinner at the cafe of mulia hotel senayan . In this cafe with the motto all you can eat by a pakage fixed rate. All of menu we can eat and try . while you still leave in the cafe area you can eat always. But i am sure that the cafe had a rate and survey how much a people can spend the food or with another term how much your gastric capacity ? with an gastricemptying time for about 4 hour. so you must be wait for more than 4 hour to emptying the gastric and begin to eat again you must stay in this cafe  long term for more than 4 hour...any others we can doing than jurt for eat ...

 bling of the floor in front of cafe

waiting for dinner

Seroiusly for dinner with all konsultan ,trainee anesidentd of vaskular surgery at invitation of Mrs Badroweni 
 and family.

ice cream and cake part ...closing food but many time open again...the key is just try don't make it full for one item of menu .

photo with a mrs badroweni and family

left side view of the cafe

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