Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jamik Mosque Air Tiris Bangkinang Kampar

Ramzi smart travel |  jami mosque' | air tiris | kampar | old mosque in kampar distric that build at 1901 M .This mosque is build with spesific methode and did not used a nail.local civilize story tell that this area is come to air tiris region thats is combine of local people with a nomaden traders thats come from west sumatera.

we are standing beside of  the stone name mesjid jami'
air tiris that build in 1901 masehi
The main road to Bukittinggi takes through the swamplands covering the lowland of Riau. The land has been cleared and cultivated. Where the peat is thick, pineapple and coconuts grow. Further to the west, the peat gets thinner, making the land suitable for rice cultivation.
Just before reaching Bangkinang town, some 2 kilometers off the main road, is the old Jamik Mosque of Air Tiris. The mosque is more than 100 years old, built in 1901 without using iron nails. Corrugated metal sheets have replaced the original shingled roof. Outside the mosque lies a mysterious stone submerged in a well. The stone resembles the head of a buffalo and is believed to move under its own power. According to an old story, once seven buffaloes were slaughtered. One of the buffalo heads mysteriously disappeared and it is said it turned into the stone.

architecture of jami' mosque by front view

viewing out of the edge of jami' mosque

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