Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tampaksiring : a soekarno president palace in bali ....

Ramzi smart travel | Tampaksiring | A palace that build of Ir soekarno as president of Indonesia in gianyar bali . It begin build at 1957 in region tampaksiring in purpose that a president did not have a place to stay in bali. Tampak means as volar hand and siring means as not flat This palace is consist of 4 part . like merdeka part , yudistira part and others. and all of this palace are finish at 1963. This is my first visite to this palace but we can come in to the palace because it does not time to allowed us visiting inside.

main gate where a guest must pass a security post before come in the palace

Highway in front of the tampaksiring palace . the street is seem so lonely just many people are take away . so this place are to be fresh , cool and friendly. And its also cause why Ir soekarno are build this palace at tampaksiring as a rest and relaxs place after spend the times for this beloving nations Indonesia.

some vehicle are come in and out from a main gate of tampaksiring palace.

As a back ground of this gate we can see a welcome temple and at side of the gate we can found a security post of the main gate of tampaksiring palace

main gate of tampak siring as we can see a indonesian flag in front of security post

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