Sunday, May 19, 2013

tieng view place ( gardu pandang tieng ) exotic scenery on the way from wonosobo to dieng

Ramzi smart travel | tieng view place | tieng sceneri a special place that locations between wonosobo to dieng  , where we can see a beautifull place with a few a village that around of a hill with a green leaf potatoes garden at below of our standing place. This building are make with two floor and and use a stairs to get a second floor. From this place we also can see a sun rise or sun set in the twillight time.

A place that build by local government to see and view a beatiful tieng valley and tieng village from above with a  free and clear . but i think when it clouds climate may be it is loose of the chance. From dieng high land we will found thiss building in the left side . this place is accurately before left turn to tambi tea garden.

This place also used as a rest place for a people in the way from and to dieng . some toilet , cafe and soft dring and food are ready in this location like a pukis cake , corn dryed and others.

In parking area of penatapan tieng , it so crowded especialy when holaiday time , actually the parking area is wide enough but when holaiday its different. It parking price for a family car only for 5 thousand IDR.Some traditional food are ready to sell and eat in this locations.

Tieng valley with a beatiful scenery

some cafe are ready here with a local and traditional menu 

 a picture that shoot from second floor of tieng building

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