Thursday, June 6, 2013

Novotel hotel balikpapan , make your trip so simple and pleasure in east kalimantan

Ramzi smart travel | Novotel hotel balik papan | a hotel that place not far from a centre of balik papan , near from beach where we can see a beach and sea only by walking in about 5 minute .when go out from hotel we can found a bekapai garden and with strike line a cross of the balikpapan high way we will arrive at balikpapan beach. Some mall and few 4 star hotel are exist in this locations like ibis hotel as a neighbour hotel , grand senyiur hotel and others hotel.

Novotel hotel viewed from bekapai garden in a night time ...ehm

Hotel novotel viewed from bekapai garden in a day time , it seem high , strong and beautiful ofcourse .

one part of the hotel novotel room where we stal for about 4 day in balik papan

On saturday at noon time in the swimming pool make a barbeque party for a hotel guest.

View of the balikpapan beach and sea can be found when we used a lift where in front used a transparent glass so we can see a beautifull scenery when up and down floor by this lift.

lobby novotel hotel that so wide , especially for a family with  some chidrens where a hotel management make playing ground in the left side . 

so beautiful swimming pool make some foreign relax with drinking and discuss after take swimming.

Sensations swimming in a novotel hotel balikpapan with view a sea 

sleep and relaxs after swimming in novotel hotel ..heem so nice your sleep ..

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