Sunday, June 2, 2013

sileri crater , beautifull but still forbidden to visiting ...last chance when it save

Ramzi smart travel | Sileri crater | one of beautifull place in dieng that still nature and and still did not manage with seriously. to see more close with a sileri crater we can walk throuhgt a small road down . when we are in this destinations this place is still save at new year 2013. But in maret 2013 the government are release aninformations in television than this crater be a dangerious to visite cause enhance escalation of the danger gas that prduct of this crater. and this area be forbidden for a people.

Sileri crater can be reach for about 20 minute from dieng centre . right and left odf the road we can seem a potatoes garden with a farmer activity . And some place we also can found a smoke that come out from  the small crater.

Monument in the treeway turn , and we must choice turn to the right for about 5 minute by car or motorcycle we can see a hypno natural crater sileri.

So if we used a strike line of the road , we will found  some others destinations like sumur jalatunda , candradimuka crater , dringo lake and sunset place . As you can see a beautifull scenery will threat our thirsty about destinations that shape so nature.

Gate to sileri crater , some broken road and bridge are found so we must carefully to drive there

Gardu pandang or place to view silery destination , some car also can park in this place 

full view of sileri  crater destination , as we can see some garden are exist around of the crater,

Some smoke are always found as long as our trips ti sileri crater

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