Tuesday, January 28, 2014

bycicling at karawaci track so nice exsperience.. ( Sensasi pengalaman bersepeda off road di track alam karawaci )

Ramzi smart travel | offroad bycicle track in karawaci tanggerang | with a hard wok we had pass a very difficult track to reach away for more than 20 km distance. In the saturday holiday time for a uniform like us , we must spending time with many best exsperience. Tangerang as my temporary place for work had choice to be our hubbies and sport place to bycicle . A wet place cause of long rain period at jakarta and tangerang make this place so hart to pass.

This track had remind many exsperience by pass a village , small road , wet road , small bridge , high way , small lake that make when the land a scoop for use in other functions. we had spending about 3 hour to reach a finish place . we get rest at bike cominuty that cal a cbc ( Cibeli Bike Comunity ). some drink and food are can buy in this place . So much another bikers are meet and take rest in this place. 

After take rest we go back to our place throuhtout a  gading serpong high way , lippo land .and others


devi febriani said...

Fun bike

Ramzi Asrial said...

hahaha....ikut surya devi....ntar gabung di bangkinang..