Sunday, January 12, 2014

Low cost Transportation Between RSCM - Tanggerang general hospital ( Inilah transportasi murah yang pernah di coba antara RSCM - RSUD Tanggerang )

Ramzi smart travel | Trans jakarta | a jakarta transportations system for lowcost transportations for busy people and citizen at biggest city in nusantara . As a people who life and stay in jakarta we had respect and helpfull by this moda while gone to some place for working.its give a vital properties in support transportations in jakarta beside anothers transportations like KRL ( train ) , car , taxi , bus , bajaj and used and understand the route of the transjakarta ways we must know line way , jungtion place , where the halte that we must used .try it..

Route rscm cipto mangunkusumo - kalideres tanggerang - RSUD tanggerang is may daily transportation , Star from salemba ui halte use a skybraight pay a ticket with price 3500 idr . We must queue a bus in the track gate then when bus is arrive an the bus door open we allow to come in the bus by the bus condector, then we arrive in the senen halte. Than go there and dont go out of the halte and wait a bus by queue in the harmoni halte track.Than we continius to the kalideres halte in the west of jakarta . We still can used the first ticket before so total ticket still in 3500 IDR .

From kalideres stations we must walking just for 30 - 40 meter and we can stop a town smal car ( angkot ) route kalideres - kota bumi for a ticket price about 5.000 IDR with massage the driver that we will go to Tanggerang General hospital help to inform when the car arrived in the target.

massage for governor jokowi that we must develop the lowcost transportations like bus way trans jakarta , so please add the volume and times frekwensi bus. dont make the passenger affraid, stand with full time and full people , comfortable transportations , and save .

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