Monday, March 10, 2014

Floating market lembang bandung : a one stop place that we can taste many traditional indonesians kullinary ( Objek wisata pasar terapung Lembang bandung , kombinasi wisata dan kuliner tradisional indonesia yang menarik )

Ramzi smart travel | Lembang floating market | New destinations in lembang that call with branded floating market that many place are ready to be see like a traditional rest place that make with special desaign . at the back of this station we can see a old marmer from the frees are stand up . A small lake are can adding beautifull this place , in one part are use as a water laying ground like kano , water bycicle , jet sky and others and in anothers part many people are sell a traditional kulliner , hands made and others that we call as floating market.

when arrive at floating market lembang


take a rest and eat food that buy in floating market.

see a boat and lake with stream of the wind softly at surface of her skin

 conditons above and around of floating marken , many traditional kullinary like martabak , nasi goreng , juice , satae , noodle , banan fries , pancung cake , java noodle waffle and many others are ready here . to be sell it you must change a IDR with a metal coin that same in valu IDR like green one is for 5 .000 IDR and many others.

View of the floating market lake between the up stand sail 

View of the lake from the coconut tree 

Many of the old wood that collect in the old wood style garden

Many of small boat that can used for 1 or 2 people in this lake

The big board name of the floating market lembang

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