Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sunday morning ...In sunda kelapa mosque with all Padang cullinary ..Try it please..( sudah pernah coba menu kulliner padang di pelataran mesjid sunda kelapa jakarta ...coba aja )

Ramzi smart travel | Padang cullinary bazzar | Every sunday morning if you want to test an original padang cullinary a place that you must visite is a sunda kelapa mosque . So much aseldom food like bika , lamang baluo , soto padang , Lepat bugis , pinukuik , katupek sayua , sate padang , karupuak sanjai and many others. So after take jogging or sporting in the suropati garden i take spare of time to eat and try many cullinary thats i thinks so traditional food . Where i always dreaming to get it. we also can buy a duck ( itiak lado mudo ) , rendang , bubur kampiun and others

bazaar gate at sunda kelapa mosque , many people are shopping there


Lamang sipuluik and lepat bugis that sell in the 1500 idr in price . or 1 US dollar for 7-8 piece.

Many traditional product like thirt , pet and others are also promote in this moment . 

When buy a bika that make from coconut mix and cover with awaru leaf , that feel a traditional sensations when a market in the origine place like in our village in bukit tinggi , but the real is in the center of jakarta at menteng region place.

Many hand made are also ready here ..

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