Wednesday, July 9, 2014

From shenzhen to Hongkong an amazing view and site that must be record...

Ramzi smart travel | Shenzhen to hongkong | many site and location between shenzhen and hongkong that can be record on my camera , amazing site like : an imigrations in one nations , sea view as long as the best high way in hongkong , many shape decorations of apartement as long as the way , nothing seem a personal house  that describe crowded area with a variations dirty environtment. many beautiful bridging with a wide smooth of road make its be an amazing picture.

This is an imigrations is viewed from shenzhen when we back to hongkong , although this nations still include a china nations but have  an immigrations to cross from shenzhen to hongkong. Thigh security prosedure are perform to the traveller or citizen from distric of shenzhen. In this service our travellers bag must be check bay x ray and open , its situations make us so scarry..

 shenzhen city view from a high way

Hongkong famous bridge 

on the bridge

 high way above the sea with back ground very much high tower building in hongkong

long high way abaove the sea

in a car in front of imigration when queue for diplomatic pasphor , All of us must to know that chinas people is hard to speak in english language so its difficult to get informations from the people or chinese citizen.its different with in hongkong. In imigration when our car pass beside a imigration office , we must open a windows so the immigrations uniform can see all of the people inside a car. And the ask in my brain about why so many alphard car only in this imigrations , may be its easy to open all a windows and easy to see all people inside a car .

So if you will go to china you must save with a mandarine dictionary stand by in your bag and easy to be access.

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