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When looking for south east asia food in ghuangzhou a third big city in china...

Ramzi Smart Travel | Looking for indonesia cuisine in guangzhou | when meeting of the mindray ultrasound forum in shenzen , we had planning to spend a third day to traveling at ghuangzhou , a third big city in china with population more than 13 million after shanghai and beijing . used a MRT from westin hotel or windows of the world station to the lou hu city at 12.00 am. All of us think that we must go to ghuangzhou and see this city cause nearest from shenzen city. So this planning must be realize in this time . For 1 our we had arrived in lhou hu interchange  stationt and we must change from MRT to fast train from lou hu to Ghuangzhou .

at open groun of the westin mall and in the back ground is a windows of the world with miniatur of pisa tower. and not far from this locations we can reach a under grount MRT station.

A coin of MRT that we can buy or change in a ticket machine , simultaneus with a place that we will purpose

In MRT from window of the word station to the lou hu inter change station with my team from many other departemen of medical science in Indonesia

In the fast train from lou hu schenzen to guangzhou for about 1,5 hour , with speed for more than 156 km / hour with a relative silent of the cabin and cool and clean cabin.

Ticket of the fast train from shenzen - ghuangzhou

 A train when we arrive at ghuangzhou stations and take a picture of this train

one of our team had visite to ghuangzhou and know a lombok food cuisine in ghuangzhou , so we must walking from station to the place . The problem is when we arrive and get walking ghuangzou had rain seasons so we must walking in the rain and must buying an umbrella for 10-15 year variation in price.

Second problem is our dream to get a lombok indonesia cuisine food like a taliwang chicken and others lombok food are absent , but weare have one choice again a thailand food cuisine but a halal guarranted is not clear , so we try to came in and order a thai food cuisine.

when order of the many variant of thai food

a thai and indonesian cuisine

Coffee with a spesific design

hot steam fish with a thai style so nice and hypno sensations

Manggo and other food model as a cloce food

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