Saturday, August 16, 2014

Simarjarunjung another toba lake destinations in North sumatera province...

Ramzi Smart Travel | Simarjarunjung vilage | is a village that highland position where place beside of toba like , view of this from this peak is so beautiful and so much people fron medan and other go here just for see the picture. Some traditional cafe are stand up here and we can for get relax for just a moment. many destinations of about toba lake for many angle are so hypnotism and make us relax and so cool . a fres wind and sub tropical temperature make this place to be a favorite place. To reach this place we can go from siantar or from merek a karo land . Distance from merek to simarjarunjung may be about a hundret kilometre and just about 30 km from parapat . many people always pass this way if he want to go to south aceh

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