Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Karo simalem destination in many place..for a holiday time...

Ramzi Smart Travel | Karo simalem destination | Karo is a highland district in north sumatera provice which many beautiful destination for traveling or holiday. A fresh and cool temperature make this area as a choice many people and citizen in a holiday time to spend a time and make it lazying go anywhere. many market , mosque , church , hospital, garden like a orange gardens , and many beatifull place view around a toba lake make so hypnotism and incredible naturale picture to get a  picture.

Evarina etaham hospital a big hospital that stand up in a high way from berastagi - kabanjahe beside of many others like a RSUD karb karo and others

Head office of the karo district

 a kabanjahe great mosque

a kabanjahe great mosque view from beside

orange garden in the highway of kaban jahe - merek

best view from a merek - kaban jahe a hill near of tongging

merek small city

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