Friday, December 26, 2014

Destination in the way to central hongkong...

Ramzi smart travel | picture on the way from hotel to central hongkong | make a speed photography pinture with my nikon camera in the central of hongkong at september 2014 . This picture are capture when we used a hotel shuttle bus from south of l islan hotel hongkong to central . it seem that high building are standing at the edge of coastal sea that surrrounding of the hongkong island.

The building is a bunder of the ferry  ...where so much people can trips or sail to the macao dreaming for a gambler hobbies. We will arriving at macau for only in 2 - 3 hour. and we also can return in a day time. it is seem easy and so cheaps because with only 400 Hongkong dollar it will be a real ..try it please.

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