Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Langkawi destinations : Malaysia travelling guide that we had gone on Desember 2014

Ramzi Smart Travel | Langkawi Destinations | Langkawi is part of kedah province at malaysia is a island that have many destinations for visiting viewing . Swimming , running , climbing , walking , jogging and shopping or others. As an autority of management the governmen are support the developed of this island as a dreaming island for foreign people espesially for neighbour nations like a indonesia , singapore and others whose looking for a natural destinations with just minimal touch of technology. But many foreign tourist are also came from europe , Australia , amerika , india , and others.In this moment we are a vascular surgery team are spend the time to exsplore destinations of langkawi island.vascular surgery team

 Resort world hotel langkawi a best 4 star hotel in langkawi with amazing sea view and island

Traveling map of the langkawi that we can found in the air port of langkawi  , many destinations are can we saw and choice as we need .

1. Resort world hotel  ( When arrived at the night time from jakarta - Kuala Lumpur )

   In the morning time >>>

2. Flying cable langkawi.....

Langkawi ( Bird Monument )

Middle beach of langkawi


Mashuri grave a history of langkawi

7 step of water fall langkawi ...

At Cenang Telaga seafood ....

Durian Musang king and padang food at kota baru Kuala lumpur malaysia

Musang king durians ....

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