Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bukit bintang kuala lumpur another place to take holiday

Ramzi smart travel | Bukit bintang street | Facebook of my actifityTo spend a more 4 day holiday , we choice to get holiday in KL by an air asia that book a month ago i and my family go to a big city in malaysia that had we dreams before.From sultan syarif kasim II airport pekanbaru at 04.00 PM we take off with smooth,althought with a another caused we delayed about 30 air asia ticket price from pekanbaru to kuala lumpur is about 400.000 IDR.

Actually a sultan syarif kasim II airport is now will be change from old one to the new model , That will be finish and ready to used in a few month especially used when annual indonesian sport in november 2012 in pekanbaru riau.

In this picture still used an old airport , with a clear sky we optimist that it trip will pleasure and didnot have we go to the stair of the plain by walking about 5 minute and take sit at 20 D in a plane.

Air asia is a malaysian holding , but in indonesia have so much rute an always looking for by indonesian people to do away in indonesia inter city or to go to out of indonesian.their promotion to get a cheap price ticket is always waiting for to buy in a next time trip.

With a good enought service i think that a low cost not be low service.Some time i  try to thinking how ? it can give too cheaps price that can't  follow by the other holding. A red carpet and red dress of a plane uniform with a good smile and melayu speaking that service a people that used air asia.Not long  time must spend in this  trips, may be about 45 minute the pilot has inform that we will landing in kualalumpur airport. and we landed with a mooth in kuala lumpur.

At 05.45 pm we arrive at kuala lumpur air port.because of time in pekanbaru and kuala lumpur is not same . where kualalumpur infront about one hour.

thats why if we go to kl about 1 hour and 45 minute but when back to pekanbaru we arrive earlier.take off at 05.00 pm and arrive at 04.45 .

by the way we arrive at kl still at noon , near of night.We go down with a step chair and walking to the bagasi area in about 20 minute . When we arrive at bagage area my bag had arrived before.That we go to imigration stand to check pasport . and than continiu to the bus station.In a gate to out of the airport , we can bought a bus ticket . with a 8 RM per person i bought for 5 person.Than we continiu to bus station after out of an airport gate then turn to the right and walking about 5 minute we will found a bus station.

in a way to bagage area in airport

out of air port and we must walking to the bus station about 2 minute.

in a bus station after take a bag we came in to a yellow bus . the bus is good enought with air condition.the bus route to KLCC.

This a bukit bintang street where my hotel place. so much hotel in this place that we can choose as we need and simultanous with our pocket.

this is a bintang garden hotel that we choose as a temporary place to stay , a cheaps price but so good enouht.try plice and see you in another trip and tour.

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