Sunday, June 17, 2012

Genting highland a gamblers heaven trips and family

Ramzi smart travel | Genting high land destination | Viewed a genting higland hotel from chin swee temple below of the highland location.that we can see a dust still cover that scenery. We can see the glory of 4 hotel that exist in the genting highland

View when we came in to the hotel you can choose what hotel that will be stay .Genting  have 4 hotel which can you order 1 . Highlands hotel  . 2.Resort hotel  3.Theme park hotel and last 4. First world hotel

Highland hotel is for elit club that only for exclusive members.It means if you have a member card a holding of genting  like silver , Gold or Platinum card . You may order in this hotel.Can enjoy with magnificent views of resort and valley.You can order a premier or king room that are location from 5 th floor - 15 th floor.

Resort hotel is speciality and favourite for family holiday this hotel have 900 room hotel . much people choice this room for its view also.This deluxe room can see precise all kuala lumpur .

Theme park is the very first hotel in resort world genting .It was initialy call as highland hotel but now it has change to be a theme park hotel.have a superior and deluxe also view to kuala lumpur.

The last one is first hotel a biggest hotel with 2 tower and have rooms for about 6000 room. Indonesians people always stay and book in this hotel.It hotel have three type rooms Standar room , deluxe in tower 1 and deluxe in tower 2.You must booking this hotel before came in to genting highland because hotel in genting highland always fullbook especiali in holidays time.

Genting international convention centre that first place its place below of theme park

waiting confirmation to check in first world hotel with a long queue and spend much time enough. its describe to us that to check in to the hotel as big as first world hotel is must be patien and so much people in malaysia and others want to spend holiday in genting highland.

on the way after check in and loking for our rooms at the 24 th floor in the tower 2.

View of genting highland from a window room first world hotel 24 th floor.Must be remember that room in the first hotel rate is without Air conditions because we did not need it.

Wide breakfast room of first world hotel , this room devided into 2 part vegetarian or non vegetarian , so much people came , eat and leave.

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