Saturday, April 21, 2012

The hiding wonderfull beach that call sawang bau place

Ramzi smart travel | Sawang bau beach destination | Sawang bau beach is a stranger name in big part of indonesians people.This place is lie between a tapaktuan highway to blang pidie . If we stay in tapak tuan we must go to the ways to blangpidie thats about 25 minute. we will meet a sawang village that we will found after throughtout of the bridging of sawang .

Than we must turn to the left way and follow the street about 10 minute we will get a wide ground beside a beach lip.than you can choice a place to parking a car for this moment we take a cool place beside a big tree.

To go to this place is better in the morning time.But in this travelling we did not enougt time so we came to this place in a 02.00 pm.

After parking a car we just permit to the people whose leave and have a house there about my car.Much people in this place is well come and so familiar,its different with aceh in about 10 years before.Where the stability and safety of life is disturbing.

thats why so much a place in aceh is seldom to be expose to the international media.

We than continius the tour by used a foot or call with walking proses.that have a cement way and land way or that combine.

To take a place we must walking about 15 minute by up and down way of a small hill.Where a small canyon on the left side that as a wall of the sea view.

We also found a house that had burn when a aceh on diturb period . Where a few of family was killing by a military . This house is make me affraid and not familiar.

And in this place we also meet a people that doing a garden and we get a conversation and discussion about a history of this place.

then we can see an island of sawang bau that so nice to be playing , sweeming and looking for a fish.

In this place we can catch a nemo fish that so nice and beautiful if we take it in an aquarium place.Without thiking is times is gone away and the sun is gone to the deep sea and sleep there.The twillight is came in to this place and we must prepare back to home.

This place is so naturally and too seldom is visite by a local and foreign tourist because this place is so hide and minimaize inl publication.

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