Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sensations sea food at pondok kelapa seafood resto at minyak street balikpapan

Ramzi smart travel | Pondok kelapa seafood resto balikpapan | a seafood resto in minyak street balikpapan that give us an eat sensations in my family first night in balikpapan. With a car from novotel hotel a place where we stay in east borneo may spent about 25 minute in time.when arrive in this locations some friends had waiting for us in this resto.

a special place that view to the sea at the back of this resto.

a red kakap fish fried make me hungry

With many freands when eat at pondok kelapa resto , some seafood like a crabs fried , shrimps fried , red kakap fish fried , vegetable and juice that we choice.

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