Friday, May 30, 2014

Incredible traveling destinations tanggerang city that you must see and visiting....

Ramzi Smart Travel | Tangerang city destinations | As a developing city and have high increase of populations that might be on the big five amount of populations after jakarta , surabaya ,bekasi and others. Many place and cullinary and others make some place in tangerang good enough to be see and visiting. Some mall , like Tang city , metropolis , sms ,mall balekota and others can be anothers destinations for shopping or just a window shopping especially to the ladies. Especially for tang city mall where in near of the time for 19-21 September 2014 will be doing  the indonesian vascular and endovascular surgery conggress  in novotel hotel tangerang. More of international and indonesian vascular speaker are come and joint in this moment..and will be best moment to expose tanggerang destinations..

big mosque tanggerang

main office of the tangerang distric government

main gate of the tangerang district government office

Tang city mall view from the main road is planning for Workshops and kongress of indonesians vascular and Endovascular surgery V at novotel hotel

 one view of gading serpong residen developed by sumarecon where the Sumarecon Mall Serpong are placing.

One of tangerang mall its Mall Balekota , a wide enought mall

Sop ayam pak min klaten , it divided inti many part of the chicken but this soup is so incredible in tongue sensations.try it just for 20 thousand IDR

shape of  Mr min chicken soup from klaten ...heem induce the saliva to go out from it hiding place..

 Soto mie ( noodle soup ) specific in tangerang cullinary

ice podeng is a special cullinary from tangerang , it make from sugar liquid , avocado , jelly , coconut milk ,and others nice to eat with ice especially at day time.

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