Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Valley cafe dago pakar bandung best all you can eat ....cold temperature and best cullinary combinations..

Ramzi smart travel | the valley cafe | a cafe that take a place in dago pakar , hiding in a small street . Many cullinary are in a many table like a hot soup above table and we can take many vegetable , seafood , bakso , fresh meat , jelly fish , shrimp , crabb , noodle and other many dry proses also can use . When arrive at lokations from dago pakar residen we parking a car at the parking area in twilight moment , just many car had arrived and parking in the first floor of that building . we reach a second floor beside of the building by an up stair and cold temperature had cover of our soul . Security had help us to take a picture in the stair.

In the second floor we meet with mr roy whose invite us to take a dinner in this valley cafe , feel so lonely cause just many people are came and eating here . after that we are busy with our planning what cullinary will eat first. . an empty plate just for 2 minute had full with our food choice. Vegetable , shrimp , bakso , crabb and jelly fish had change to my plate and ready ti fill to the hot soup . after waiting for 10 minute the soup are ready to eat and my nose had invite my brain to get it and eat.heem...

 our team when arrive at our reserve table

 crabb porridge , had been empty for twice ehm still hungry try annothers

 big place with hot soup 

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