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The fast way to reach central of hongkong from hongkong international airport for a new visitor

Ramzi Smart Travel | easy and fast way from hongkong international airport to central hongkong | Speed train from hongkong airport is much as choice for a foreing new visitor in hongkong . As a business city it so hurt for us to ask anothers people in hongkong . English with a chinese style and difficult to give an answer make i am doubt to ask a hongkong people.


Actually so much moda transportations are ready in hongkong .like  a bus or car but must known a number , a route of the way , halte or stations . This transportations is lowest cost but you must know the bus and have a hongkong dollar . Must be known that we must use small value of money like a dollar coin like one , two , five or ten dollar. Why ...? because a driver of the bus only one , it did not have vice of driver so your many will not be back if you give a ten hongkong dollar for price of the bus just 7 hongkong dollar. so the 3 HD that must be return money are always loss.

Really that a cost from hongkong international air port to central hongkong may be in about 30-45 HD for one way . anothers centre of car stations in hongkong is causeway bay and admiralty . Many bus , MTR and others can be used to change transportations as a place that your destination.

Anothers transportations are Taxi , its must be choice many taxy are stand up in the air port thats blue ,red and yellow . It seem like a city in the china. To go to the place that your destinations or central you must spend many HD may be in about 300-500 HD . Its seem too lavist , so..

If you are a newbe in hongkong the best choice is used a fast train ( speed train , where the stations integrated with hongkong international airport , it can pay with a money or buy a ticket. This ticket is for go and return but only for one day . Its just spend in about 24 minute from airport to the central satation. Its some promote in the wall of the under ground terminal.

The stations where the train must stop just for 4 stations like a Tsing yi stations , Olimpic stations , kowloon stations and the last is central stations.

As seen in the picture the monitor of television or komputer will tell and saw a next stations. At the roof of the train as you seen where is the positions of you every time untill you come in the stations or return.

In a central hongkong stations , after go out from the fast train you can go up to the mall of shun tak city ( STC ) . used a taxi or used a shuttle bus just for a few special hotle fasility. Above is a list of hotel that fasility the hotel resident. and in this chance my hotel are have this shuttel bus ( L ' hotel island south ) and we can contact a phone number in that list or just ask an information point.

For easy travelling to macau ypu also can start from central just with  walking way you can reach a ferry terminal to macau. Its simply and with and about 150 HD you can arrive in macau from a central ( STC )

Advantage of used this fast train is we do a city check in for more of the plane in the central , this is a faster acsess to the hongkong airport . just for information hongkong is a busy city now and traffic jump is many place will be meet in a day or night. so spare your time if you will back as must be enough.

In the train monitor also will be information about your plain and which part of the terminal that your destinations.terminal 1 left  or 2.right side of the train.

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