Sunday, February 12, 2012

Durian tours enhant every end of year in Bangkinang - pekanbaru high way

Ramzi smart travel | durian tours | highway bangkinang - pekanbaru .The rod to bangkinang from pekanbaru distance is about 60 km . This ways is a national road that conecting riau province and west sumatera . The road is good enough if you used of a car or a small bus that round and round pekanbaru - bangkinang or you also choose a bus that route pekanbaru - pasir pengaraian.

With a bus you just  pay about 15.000 rupiah until 20.000 rupiah.

At every end of year we thinking about november and desember as long as bangkinang - pekanbaru we can found so much a small cafe or a small place that sell many original fruit of indonesia . Like a pineapple , rambutans , durian , manggis and jambu bol.And also we can meet and buy a specific traditional foot thats name lepat bugi. Where this traditional food so spesific and have good taste and smell .
If we start from pekanbaru actualy from panan , we take a bus in fourcross panam and take a line way .we will found the road still doing to make a wide of the road.and the traffic is begin to crowded , espesialy in a fryday until monday.because more car , bus , truck , motor cycle and other that come and away to pekanbaru.

all right the first place that sell a pinaplle we can found as long as the road from panam to rimbo panjang. that place is consist of gambut land and very good for the develop of pineapple plant. Than you can buy or eat in the place . this fruit is so sweet and fresh.and just 5 thousand rupias you can eats one pineaple.
Than  after that you can continuis you tour about 15 minute ,  you will found two bridge that cross a kampar river. At the end of  the bridge you can found a place that you can buy a lepat bugi than make frome a rice powder.with contain a small piece sweet coconut. that will so hypno your tongue sensitivity.

The place that we can found lepat bugis name is call danau by a people whose live there.this tradisional food is so low cost it is  only ten thousand rupias about ten pieces.And we can choose the white and the black contain one.

On that place in the end of the year also much people sell a jambu bol or other that will exited your sensation about a real true original fruit that produce by the people garden.
A taste of jambu bol is sweet and some time little acid.but you must try and tested this fruit.

And the last one you will found a place that much
people sell durian at the end of every year too.that much people sell durian as long as the road from kampar region to bangkinang city. You must try a bangkinang durian that so hypnotist , spectaculer in taste and so sweet of course.

You can choose the bitter durians , coppersdurians , or red yellow ones , all of that durian promises a spectaculer tast
And the in the same place also much fruit like rambutas that performance like rambutan but but it have short and hard contais also like rambutan but the taste is more original and little deference may be more sweet and a price more expensive than rambutan. oke you can add your spectaculer tour and culliner by away to the bangkinang with some beautiful place that you can visited.

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