Saturday, February 25, 2012

harau waterfall and canyon in west sumatera as a nature and beautifull canyon

Harau canyon and harau waterfal is a beautiful place in harau region in west sumatera.This canyon is a nature canyon that had be form about many thousand years ago.

The harau place can be reach from padang as a center profince of  west sumatera  about 2 hour used of car or bus.We must througt a bukittinggi city before and continued to payakumbuh city and then will be reach a turn to harau canyon.

before come in to harau canyon we can met a ticketing center in the gate . after buy a ticket that not expensive you cane came in to the way to harau canyon.As long as your ways you can see and found a beatifull canyon in the left and right of the ways.

The distance of the road from high way to the waterfall is about 3 km and we can see a black wall with the green picture of the rice plant and a rain forrest . as long as your trip you also can find any waterfall and a tradisional house off people that lift in harau place.

We also can see a many people that sale a any localize plant with a cheaps price and after that you can bring a plant to your place.

then we can found a last waterfall in harau place that had made a swimmingpool and a guest can swim in the cool and fresh water of the pool.

After that you can eat many tradisional food that sell by a people in around of a pool and you can buy with a cheap price also.This is a part of many place that very exited tobe visiting .If you want to be stay there for more than 1 day you also order a motel or home stay that you can find there.try please.

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