Saturday, February 4, 2012

barelang bridge destination of batam kepri

Ramzi smart travel | barelang bridge | batam | barelang bridge is called as a batam , rempang dan galang thats connected a island of batam , rempang and galang. this travel potensial because the galang island have history a vietnam people who has live for more than 8 years after go out from their conutry .Where in vietnam the situation of economic and political isn't condusive.

a beautfull scenery of a bridge that built and planning by the third president of Republic Indonesia Prof DR BJ habibie .Where in time he is as a chief of otorita batam.

 Pulau Galang, is an island of 80 km2 which is located 350 m (560 km) southeast of Batam , belonging to a group of three islands called Barelang (abbreviation of Batam-Rempang-Galang). A member of the Riau Archipelago, Indonesia, Galang is located just south of Batam and Rempang which themselves are just south of Singapore and Johor. The nearest city to Galang is Tanjung Pinang on Bintan, which is about a 30-minute boat ride away.
There was a main administration office to run Galang refugee during 1979-1996 where many Vietnamese Boat people and asylum seekers were temporarily accommodated during the determination of their refugee status and their subsequent resettlement in the USA, Australia and some European Countries.

Many Vietnamese from their new resettled countries have come back to visit Galang.

on november 16 , 2012 when i am visiting to batam and stay at goodway hotel batam center , i have moment at twiligh time to go to barelang bridge and hunting photography at night moment with my nikon camera and this is two picture that  i can collect :

Barelang first bridge that is the first bridge meet from six bridge that are build to connect all of big island in batam . The picture is shoot from brelang second bridge with a minimal light and shadows of light in the water.

combine of near light and far light that result of bright and dark view of picture.So make it different shape .

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